Touchscreen kiosk experts Cammax have teamed up with Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), one of the biggest transport authorities in the UK, to launch a new and exciting ticketing initiative that looks set to speed up public transport for passengers.

This special pilot programme, part of the SWIFT travel ticket scheme, sees Cammax placing their new range of ITSO SMART Ticketing kiosks throughout various locations in the West Midlands in a pilot that will measure public interest in the new technology.

The very first kiosk arrived at Wolverhampton bus station back in April and it’s already seen a positive reaction from the public. The scheme is set to run through to the Autumn giving both Cammax and the TfWM plenty of time to assess how the new services are being received.

The Swift Kiosks offer customers a variety of different services which will allow passengers the chance to purchase Swift Pay As You Go tickets, n-bus multi-day tickets, e-Day savers and Swift season tickets for both bus and tram use. The kiosks will be available 24 hours a day and will provide a much quicker and more convenient way for passengers to buy tickets and plan their journeys.

The kiosks, like those deployed across a number of different industries, are looking to not only provide a more convenient way to make purchases but they’re also set to help cut down queues and actually speed up the boarding process in these busy travel networks. The kiosk will also house a special feature that will capture a photo of the traveller allowing their photo card to be created and printed within just a minute.

Statistically, one third of all journeys now taken across the West Midlands is done using some form of travel card and this new Swift ticketing solution has great potential to help increase this usage.

Whilst the launch of these kiosks is seen as a first step, there could be plans in the future for mobile-based ticketing, apps, and other contact less payment options.

Cammax continues to lead the way in providing innovative solutions for the transport industry and TFWM are just the latest local body to benefit from their work.