Every soldier on the battlefield hopes to make it out alive. To achieve this, you need the best weapons, shooting skills, team support and every other battle strategies you can find. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Game is a battle you don’t want to lose. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing the Campaign Mode, Multiplayer Mode, or even the Zombie Mode. Each of these COD modes needs your involvement, concentration, and tactics. If you don’t know how to start or what to do, we got your back.

This article contains a short guide on how to play and get the best results from each fight. If you’re up for it, keep reading. 

What is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

COD Black Ops Cold War joined the Raven Software and Treyarch Call of Duty series in November 2020. The game is set up to depict the Cold War Era and the main enemy to thwart is “Perseus,” a KGB agent. 

Cold War lasts for 5 hours. But adding up other side gigs such as Easter eggs and collectibles, you’ll be looking at 9 to 11 hours. The game has three plots, Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombie mode. 

The Campaign is more calmers although it has some bloody shootouts. The multiplayer is a mode that players can play together from anywhere, and the Zombie mode is a fight against the undead. 

What to Expect in COD Cold War 

  • Missions

There are 11 missions to complete in Cold War. There are also some side missions such as Operation Red Circus and Operation Chaos. These side missions are not compulsory for you to reach the end of the story. 

Some of the eleven missions you’ll complete are “Nowhere Left to Run,” Desperate Measures, End of the Line, Identity Crisis, etc. 

  • Evidence 

Evidence in COD might come in the form of recordings and logs. You need these pieces of Evidence to complete the story. To find Evidence sometimes, all it might take you is to interrogate a suspect and ask the right questions. 

Players must find Evidence to enable them to complete some side missions. Even though it’s not necessary to find all, there are important but very difficult ones to find. So, bear it in mind before playing. 

  • Choices 

All through the game, players often face a lot of choices that will influence the ending of the game. Many of the choices you’ll make will yield deadly results, like losing an operator or changing the course of your game. So, be careful when making a choice in COD: Cold War. 

  • Trophies 

Cold War contains 44 trophies for players to earn. Each trophy requires certain things or actions which you must take to earn it. Many Campaign trophies unlock after every mission. There are others that require players to complete some tasks in some specified locations. But one thing you can do is to skip complicated ones and do them later. 

How to Play your Best in Cold War 

There are few strategies you can use to master the game. 

  • Learn the Game Mechanics

In-game mechanics that you need to master include how to take cover, firing, and aiming techniques, how to move strategically, etc. All this knowledge will help you a lot during your game. The best place to master all these techniques should be in the “Nowhere to Run” mission. While playing it, we recommend you master your strengths and identify your weaknesses. Then, you can improve your tactics. 

  • Be strategic with cover. 

Taking cover when your enemies are shooting to kill is not wrong. But when in hiding, don’t peek out carelessly. Wait for your enemy to stop for a reload before you blast them away. Since your sniper rifle is available, lean out a little when they’re reloading and kill them. 

  • Get creative with Gadgets. 

Every player has assorted vehicles, weapons, and even Scorestreaks to earn and utilize through the game. First, if you’re playing the multiplayer mode, use smaller vehicles for speed, and larger vehicles like Gunboat or Tank pass through resistance. Secondly, use both your primary and secondary weapons based on the demands of the situation you face. Then, earn Scorestreaks as much as you can and even save them for later if possible. 

  • Step up your firepower

Let’s say you’re playing the Zombie mode; the first important thing is the weapons. Fighting the undead is not an easy thing. So, try to improve on your firepower to get more edge over them. One of the ways to do that is by unlocking the Mystery Box. This box contains lots of advanced weapons that can put your usual collection to shame. So, earn enough points and unlock it. 


 To survive your missions in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, you must understand how the game works. You must also know the things to expect and the strategies to employ. We’ve shared some of them here, and with good cold war hacks, you’ll be a pro player soon.