Activation Lock is a security tool that protects your private information in case you misplace your iOS device. Once the lock is activated, nobody can operate it until the person enters the correct credential to open it.

No doubt, it provides extra protection in case of theft and other accidents, but sometimes it can cause unnecessary trouble for the users. There are many reasons when you get the activation lock on your iOS device besides it being a stolen device. Here are some of the common situations.

  1. Erasing the iOS device without signing out of the iCloud account
  2. Your Apple ID is disabled
  3. Erasing the iOS device without switching off Find My iPhone

In all these cases, you will find the activation lock on your device screen. When you buy second-hand iOS devices, then the probability of tackling the activation lock increases as these mistakes are common for the users. Make sure that you verify that the device is not stolen as you can risk a lot by buying it, so make your purchase wisely.

If you face the issue of activation lock and want to get rid of it without going through any complex process, then opt for Tenorshare 4MeKey software. With this computer-based software on your side, you can bypass the lock without original credentials for the iCloud account and even disable the Find my Device feature without using the password. The software is Windows and Mac-friendly. Tenorshare 4MeKey offers a lot of fantastic features, so let us look into them in detail.

Features of Tenorshare 4MeKey 

Remove the activation lock with original credentials

Activation lock protects your device in case your device gets stolen. Nobody can access your device till the original credentials are used to unlock it. 

However, in certain circumstances, this lock creates an unnecessary hassle for the users. You may feel frustrated and want to get rid of the device. But stop here. Tenorshare 4MeKey  is here to rescue. With Tenorshare 4MeKey software, you can remove this lock without even knowing the original credentials. Moreover, you can perform a full factory reset and remove the data of the previous owner. In case it is your own device, then you can get rid of the lock within a few clicks and access your device again.

Unlock Apple ID without password

Want to sign out of the device or access Apple ID in case you don’t remember your password? Don’t worry. Tenorshare 4MeKey has got you covered. You can sign out of the Apple ID and make a new one for your device. In case you are locked out for security reasons, you can use the software to bypass them and gain access without going through any complex process. No need to reset your device, losing all your data if you lose your Apple ID password. With Tenorshare 4MeKey, you can access your device with ease.

Turning off the Find my Device feature without the original password

When your device gets stolen, the Find my Device feature can come in handy to track it and retrieve it. Moreover, the feature protects the data of your device by enabling the activation lock at the time of need. On top of that, you can even rest the whole device remotely by using this feature.

The vital thing is that you should have the right credential for the device. In case you don’t have them, you can get trouble turning off the feature. However, with Tenorshare 4MeKey, you can turn off the feature within some mouse clicks without even stressing about getting the original password of the device. 

Important note

The feature is available for iPhone 6S to iPhone X that supports iOS 13 and 14 versions. Once you turn off the Find my Device feature, then you will never face the activation lock even if you resent the device and perform a full factory reset.

These are the prime features that offer tons of benefits that you can grab by using this amazing software. Let us now dive into detailed steps to use the software and its features. You can also view the video of the following detailed steps.

How to use the software?

Download and launch

  1. Download the software from the official website and get the version according to your device(Windows or Mac).
  2. Launch it, and you will get two options on the interface. Select the one to remove the activation lock. Remember, the software will jailbreak your device, so think twice before moving forward. 
  3. Connect your device with a USB cable with your PC or Mac.

Jailbreak the device

There are two options available. Let us see the steps in detail for both options.

Jailbreak using Mac

  1. Once the device is connected to Mac, the downloading process of the jailbreak tool will commence.
  2. Once the tool is downloaded successfully, click on the “Start Jailbreak” option to initiate the process. 
  3. Keep following the steps properly to complete the whole process.

Jailbreak using Windows

  1. When you connect the device to your Windows PC, the jailbreak tool will be downloaded on your device.
  2. After successful completion of the downloading process, the software will prompt the burn the jailbreak environment to a USB. 
  3. Insert a USB device and click on the Start button. Make sure that you insert an empty USB device with a capacity of over 2 GB.
  4. Once the process is complete, the software will guide you through the further process. Follow every step carefully to boot the jailbreak environment into your device.

Remove Activation Lock

Once the jailbreak process is complete, click on the start button to remove the activation lock from the iOS device.


You can purchase the license of the software according to your usage. There are two options, namely, Individual and Business.

Individual pricing

1 Month license

Here you get access to one PC and five devices with an auto-renewal feature by paying 35.95$ per month. You can cancel the subscription any time you want, and you get free one-month upgrades.

1 Year license

Here you get access to one PC and five devices with an auto-renewal feature by paying 39.95$ per year. You can cancel the subscription any time you want, and you get free one-year upgrades.

Lifetime license

By paying 49.95$, you get lifetime access to one PC and five devices with lifetime upgrades.

Business pricing

You get a 1-year license for 10 devices for 59.95$, 15 devices for 79.95, and unlimited devices for 399.00$. Every plan comes with the support of 1 PC and is billed annually. You get free updates with full support from our team.

Final Verdict

Tenorshare 4MeKey is an outstanding software that allows you to bypass the activation lock and gain access to your iOS device by following some simple steps. Learn how to bypass activation lock to get assistance with any element of the software. Download this amazing tool and get rid of the stress of unlocking your iOS device in case you forgot your Apple ID or password.