Business leaders have a lot of responsibility on their plate. Depending on the size of the company, they may have tens or even thousands of employees working underneath them.

Society relies on the products and services they offer, and these pillars of the economy generate tax revenue that funds essential social goods. If a company is the target of a hack, it won’t just be the CEO’s funds that are affected. 

The trickle-down damage can be devastating, too. This unpleasant situation can be sidestepped altogether if business leaders proactively get industry-leading encrypted cell phone communication today.

Military-Grade Encryption

By now, everybody has seen the phrase “end-to-end encryption.” Such a term suggests all-encompassing security, but some end-to-end encryption is stronger than others. 

Companies need to rely on military-grade encryption, which can’t be found on free apps anyone can download. Companies that offer “end-to-end encryption” also may sell information to third parties, undermining all the steps they take to safeguard your privacy.

Businesses have too much to lose to entrust their security to free platforms or second-rate encryption.

Fallback Security Features

Hackers may struggle hard to decrypt your encryption, but what if they steal the phone itself? Business leaders need to know that their data will remain confidential even if they accidentally misplace their phone or it gets stolen by a corporate saboteur. 

For this, they need to rely on a slew of secondary security fallback measures. For example, the Tamper Proof feature lets users establish a duress password. If somebody finds or even steals the phone and enters the wrong password too many times, the phone will automatically wipe all the sensitive information.

Self-Destructing Messages lets users control the lifespan of their text messages, pictures, and notes. Any content marked to Self-Destruct can’t be forwarded, favorited, or saved. It will be deleted from both devices automatically, even if there’s no data connection.

Encrypted Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a photo gallery is like a tome of sensitive material. Private pictures can be just as revealing as any text message or email if they go public.

It only makes sense that the same level of care is extended to encrypt pictures. While it’s crucial for there to be no cached image data, the best phones also offer the best image quality without requiring large file sizes. 

Ease of Use 

Business moves swiftly, and no technology facilitates this more today than smartphones. If a phone offers maximum security, but the features take a long time to navigate, practically speaking, it’s not a very useful tool. 

Phones must offer maximum security and easy to operate for everyday users. 

No company wants to be in the headlines because customer information or proprietary data went public. CEOs work better and more comfortably in a stable and secure environment, and this is the atmosphere in which deals get made. Companies can’t simply hope that they don’t get hacked, so get prepared by getting the best encryption and phone security on the market.