SAP claims that enterprises not using data visualization tools take an average of 9 hours longer to see patterns, trends and correlations in their company’s data.

Processing of big data is an integral part of any business. With the help of such analysis, the company can find ways to gain more actionable business insights, spot new revenue opportunities, make internal processes more effective, improve customer service or an overall operational efficiency, as well as research competitive advantages. In other words, massive amounts of information that go through every organization on a daily basis can be useful, but only if they are collected and arranged in a proper way. The ultimate function of BI software is to make it all happen.

BI tools provide extremely valuable business insights, but sometimes it can be quite challenging to make sense of raw data which is retrieved in a numerical form. The process of decoding all that information can go on for ages, not to mention that it is incredibly boring. At this point, data visualization software enters the game.

Best Data Visualization Software

BI with data visualization capabilities will offer an ROI of $13.01 on every dollar spent, according to Nucleus Research.

Based on the list of features, different data visualization tools serve diverse business needs, provide different integration options, and vary in cost. CoreValue’s experts in Data and Business Intelligence solutions analyzed some of the most popular visualization tools and compared their feature stack based on real-life application:

  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Looker
  • Exago
  • QlikView

Power BI

This is a compelling analytics and report generation tool which allows enterprises to easily visualize and analyze vital data to transform operations. With the help of Power BI, users can monitor their business from a variety of devices. The tool best serves medium and large businesses and requires no capital expenditure or infrastructure support. It integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Excel. On the whole, it demonstrates good performance for an affordable price (free of charge for a desktop only).


This is probably the most celebrated application because it provides remarkable data analytics for enterprises. With its ability to produce reports on vast sets of data without drastically affecting network performance, Tableau demonstrates excellent user-experience and rich integration for Hadoop, R, BIM 360, Target process, Greenhouse, Workable, Smartsheet, Slack, bpm’online, Lever, Clarizen, and others. According to our experience, unlike other BI tools, Tableau makes it easy for users to visualize required data clearly and frequently. However, license costs of Tableau are higher than average.


This data-discovery platform also helps businesses make better decisions by providing access to real-time data.  Looker is cloud-hosted with modern web architecture. It uses GIT, so every change made to the modeling layer is tracked and several developers can work with it simultaneously. It also runs in a browser, so no desktop installation is needed. Looker has a wide functionality, and is effective because it operates entirely on the data in your database. It generates SQL based on the semantic layer you design.  After sending that to the database, the results are displayed in tables or graphs, which means that you are operating directly on your full dataset with full database resources. The license cost is estimated by quote, but as could be expected, the price is quite high.


Exago is another effective embedded BI solution. It is a 100% web-based tool that requires no plugins. Exago is a potent solution for software companies looking to provide ad hoc business analysis and reporting to their clients in small, medium, and large enterprises. It provides integration via API or styling Exago’s interface. Since this is a web-based tool, its performance is based on server characteristics. Its core features, like flexibility and ease of use, can become a powerful instrument  for any business.