The Internet is an amazing platform that has greatly helped in making our lives a lot simpler and faster. Through it, we get to settle bills and even get the things that we need and want with so much ease. In the beginning, only the powerful corporations got to have their own websites. But as time passed, website ownership has become, shall we say, democratized.

So here you are now, contemplating on how to strategically create a website for the business opportunity that you want to pursue. Because the Internet is basically a busy market, your online venture has to stand out if you are to make sales and increase your profit.

If you own a franchise, then it’s really important that you engage in online franchise marketing campaigns so that your independent business becomes known. Sometimes riding on the popularity of the original brand is not enough. If you are starting your business from scratch, local SEO programs can work. In both cases, you need to develop a website that is both informative and intuitive in its design. In order for you to achieve this, we present here two decision points that you should pay attention to.

Joomla or WordPress?

Joomla and WordPress are two very common content management systems that allow even non-IT people to develop websites that promote themselves and their businesses. Each system has its share of avid supporters who will vouch for their effectiveness. But the bottom line is that neither one is absolutely better than the other. Choosing between Joomla or WordPress is really dependent on your needs and how your business is modeled and structured.

WordPress is the go-to system of many because of its blog-like appearance. Using it is not complicated at all, so there is absolutely no need to call in a professional developer. Joomla, on the other hand, is for the more experienced web developer. Many say that this is the platform more suited for business because of the more formal-looking pages that come out of it.

Joomla Extensions, anyone?

In order for your Joomla e-commerce site to become better able to serve its users, you’d need business-oriented extensions integrated with it. Because e-commerce is such a hot thing nowadays, there are basically a million extensions to choose from. To keep the decision-making process a lot simpler for you, we present here some of the most common ones:

  • Virtuamart

Considered a pioneer when it comes to extensions, Virtuamart has been in use by many Joomla administrators for more than a decade now. It is not difficult to see why this platform is common and well-loved. It is very easy to use and customize. Should there be problems with implementing it, the Joomla admin will not have any difficulty because community support is available 24/7, and they can even communicate in multiple languages. When it comes to features, this product has the ability to accommodate various payment schemes. It can also update currency rates automatically. If promotions are your thing, it’s not going to be a problem because Virtuamart is also SEO-ready. It’s really business with ease if you work with Virtuamart.

  • Digicom

E-commerce extension Digicom is taking the market by storm because of its user-friendliness. The main point of its design is to help online business people like you to set up their market spaces in no time. This product delivers extensive reporting and easy drag-and-drop file management functions. It also has the capacity to accommodate the most popular payment mechanisms.