The market for messaging and chat applications is saturated with apps like Viber, Skype, etc. However, these applications are focused primarily on the private consumer market, and fail to address business and team collaboration needs. They do not provide essential features and fail to fulfil key security requirements such as encrypted communication and data transfer. A dedicated business chat app can meet the requirements of businesses looking to ensure security in their team communications.

Brosix Instant Messenger is an efficient tool, which you can fully integrate into your business workflow, increasing the efficiency of your organization’s communication. To make things simple, the Brosix Team Network doubles as a personal messenger with secure channels of communication.

Brosix has key standard features like group chat and private chat, and multiple business-centric features such as unlimited encrypted file transfer capabilities, screen sharing, screen-shot, and whiteboard, to name a few. It comes with an intuitive and easy to use interface, making it suitable for all users.

Let’s take a deeper look into the app to find out more.

User Interface

The Brosix application has a minimalistic design aesthetic with all the functionality stacked in the main menu interface for easy accessibility. You can use individual features by clicking on the appropriate icons located in the window and then following the instructions. All of your activities are visible in the main chat window, allowing you to monitor your communications without switching between windows.


Brosix utilises industry standards for security optimisation. The Brosix Team Network provides you with sophisticated security for your private network, including data and communications encryption, not available in other public networks. Your network administrator has complete control over your team’s usage of the network, and can grant or restrict access to network features for individuals or groups of users.

Group Chat

Brosix Instant Messenger has become an industry norm and indispensable feature, facilitating collaboration between multiple team members in a single chat session and increasing team efficiency.


The Whiteboard allows you to visually collaborate with individual or multiple team members utilizing multiple tools for visualization. By adding your team members to a Whiteboard conference, you can brainstorm as a group as if you were in the same room.

 Screen Sharing

The Brosix Screen Sharing feature lets you share your screen with any member of your team. You have multiple sharing options, from simply viewing a colleague’s screen, to granting them access to remotely work on your screen, or vice versa.

Send and Receive Media

Brosix allows you to send and receive media files between users with ease. Apart from that, you can take and share screenshots without the need of an additional application. All of this is done utilizing Brosix’s encryption technology for total security.

Voice and Video Chat

Certain things are easier to convey via voice and video instead of typing. Brosix lets you talk with other users in the network by opting for either video or voice chat features. Voice and video chat can be combined with other features, such as whiteboard and screen sharing, giving you even more functionality.

Language Support

Software should never be a hurdle to your multilingual team. The Brosix app is not limited to the English language, and users can seamlessly switch to their native language inside the app. This enables users to have a customised working experience that they can relate to with little effort.


The Brosix team chat app is undoubtedly one of the best tools that you can consider for increasing your team collaboration and communication efficiency. Brosix is not just another messaging app, as it has many important business features such as screen sharing, whiteboard, video and voice chat, data encryption, allowing you to seamlessly run your business. Experience the wide range of benefits of using the Brosix Team Network today, and be sure to share your thoughts regarding the software through the comments section below.