Everyone out there must have faced the issues of data transfer between their Mac and their Android device, which is why there are Mac and Android users constantly looking for a solution through which they can easily and safely transfer their data between these two different operating systems. If you are also looking for a smart solution to this problem, then we are here with MacDroid, the ultimate tool that can be used for transferring your data between your Mac and your Android device. 


MacDroid is an efficient and powerful application that you can use in order to transfer your files, folders, music files, videos, photos, and much more between your Mac and your Android device with ease. 

Once you are done with the installation of MacDroid you just need to connect your Android device with your Mac and you are ready to transfer your data. Users can download and use MacDroid pro for 7 days for free and thereafter if they are satisfied with its functions and features, they can get the Pro version for only 1.67$ per month. 

MacDroid users get to mount their Android devices as a drive on their Mac which allows them to effortlessly share and transfer music from Mac to Android. This is not limited to music files only, once your Android device is connected with your Mac you can also edit all of your files that are there on your Android devices on your Mac without even moving the files from your computer. 

Moreover, you will be able to easily work with any MTP or Android device on your own. MacDroid is a complete software that allows you to completely transfer your files without making you download any extra plugin or extension. 

Highlights of MacDroid

1. Transfer Your Photographs

If you are looking for a compact, reliable, and efficient application that can be used to transfer your photos directly from your Android mobile phone to your Mac, then MacDroid is there for you. 

2. Move Complete folders

Instead of moving your files one by one, MacDroid allows you to directly move file folders saving you a lot of time and effort while transferring your files from your Mac and Android. 

3. Movies On The Go

With MacDroid you can seamlessly transfer your favorite movies and TV shows to your mobile phone so that you can enjoy them while your mobile is not connected to the internet. 

4. File Editing 

MacDroid users can also edit the files that they have on their Android device directly from their Mac so that they don’t have to move the files that they want to edit. 

5. MTP Connection

With MTP mode you can also connect and work with multiple devices such as cameras and MP3 players making MacDroid quite useful for people that travel a lot with their cameras. 

Connect Your Mac And Android Via USB

Depending on your requirements there are two different modes that are offered by MacDroid to its users. There are ADB Connection mode and MTP connections that you can choose from considering your requirements. 

ADB Connection mode is a highly-efficient and powerful mode that you can use to transfer and manage your files in a fast and efficient way from your Mac to your Android and vice versa. While the MTP connection mode is a comprehensive transfer mode allowing users to connect their cameras and MP3 players that are supported by MacDroid.

User Guide

In 3 easy steps, you can use MacDroid to transfer your files between your Android device and your Mac.

Step 1:

You start by connecting your Android device with your Mac via USB cable and thereafter, you just open Devices and find the name of your device on that list. 

Step 2:

In this step, you need to choose the transfer mode while allowing the Mac to access the device so that you can start with your data transfer. 

Step 3:

Now that your device is connected with your Mac, you can easily transfer all of your data and edit the files with the help of MacDroid.

Final Verdict

MacDroid is the ultimate file transfer solution that is there for all the Mac and Android users. The easy interface and simple transfer process make it really easier for you to transfer all of your data from your Android device to your Mac and vice versa with ease.