Call me old school, but for me, there is nothing like a good old game of Bingo to while away some down time. This is especially true when I am not in the mood for doing anything productive, like say during my morning commute. Maybe because of all the Wednesday evenings I accompanied my grandmother to ‘Bingo Nights’ at the Y, but the mindless excitement of getting rewards for outcomes we have no control over always had a weird grip over me. Just the other day I was joking with a friend of mine how much I miss playing Bingo. This led to a few minutes of raucous laughter but then my friend mentioned in almost an off-hand dismissive way that “There is probably an app for that”. Now why didn’t I think of that before? I went to the Google Play store and stumbled upon Bingo Bash and have not looked back since.

Bingo Bash 01

Why Bingo Bash is awesome

It’s free (for the most part): Bingo Bash is what is known in the industry as ‘Freemium’ software. It is not going to cost you to download and install Bingo Bash and you can have a rewarding Bingo experience for free. However, if you would like some undue advantage that would let you sail through levels sooner, then you can purchase boosters including additional Bingo Cards at a nominal cost.

Non invasive social media integration: Bingo Bash does allow you to earn some boosters if you get the word out about this great app. However this app never goes behind your back to post something you would never want to. GSN Games, the makers of Bingo Bash are a reputed company and they have achieved over 10 million downloads by genuine recommendations (like this one) for a well made app!

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Never gets old: This is not just any run of the mill bingo game that will make you look at the same boring interface over and over again, till you are ultimately sick of it. There are over 350 levels and rooms, each having a unique look and feel about it that that will let your imagination run wild. Some days, you can pretend to be a high roller on the Vegas strip or be a globetrotter scaling the Great Wall of China. On other days you can pretend to be swimming in the Great Barrier Reef or battling gladiators at the Colosseum. They also have seasonal rooms, for example this past Halloween they had a room titled Zombie bash! They typically add new rooms every 2 weeks and for me there is no better release for escaping the humdrum of everyday life!

Bingo Bash 03

Play against real people: One thing that I missed about Bingo at the Y is the social setting. There is a bit of unique energy involved when you are trying to fill your card faster compared to the other people in the room. This is something that is lacking in a gadget; or so I thought until I discovered the multi-player feature. With the multi-player feature I can chat and play with my Facebook friends and when they are not available, I can connect with a Bingo enthusiast on any part of the globe.

Easy to get started: I wish I knew about this app while my grandma was still around because she would have loved it. Yes, it is really that easy to use. Just go to the Google Play store and download Bingo Bash to get started. Instead of crossing out numbers with a pencil, you just daub the called numbers. You cannot cheat here because the app will only accept your daub if the number has actually been called out! There are almost thirteen different ways for you to score Bingo and the rewards are ample quantity of premium features that you would otherwise have to pay real money to buy.

Bingo Bash 04

Partnership with Wheel of Fortune: Now that my favorite game show has partnered with my favorite app, the result is nothing short of epic. While I am playing Bingo, I can pretend to walk on the iconic Wheel of Fortune stage. I can even spin the wheel to win bonuses that were never available before! Wheel of Fortune has taken my Bingo addiction to a whole new level!

Slot rooms for added bonus: Another thing that I love in this app is that you can still earn boosters and extra cards by paying a daily visit to the slot room. I am yet to find another app that is this generous with their boosters!

Bingo Bash 05

Room for improvement

The app is bulky: Just because I like old-school entertainment, does not mean that I am not aware of modern technology. At 75 MB, Bingo Bash is one of the bulkiest apps that I have ever come across. To be fair, Bingo Bash does provide the most intensive Bingo experiences one can ever have on their smartphone. That being said if they can shed some of the bulk, they can probably increase their reach and in turn, their revenue. Perhaps I am being a little nit-picky here rather than raising an actual concern.

Does not let you play with real money: Probably because of the inordinate amount of work that is necessary to please the gaming commission, but the world of Bingo Bash is completely make believe and does not let you play with and win real cash. However, considering how addicted I am already, it’s probably for the best!

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Playing Bingo is not for everyone, perhaps you need to have an old soul like I do. However considering that that over 10 million people have downloaded Bingo Bash on Android and that it was one of the top 10 apps for iOS in 2013, I am glad to see that I am not the only one. If you are looking for an authentic Bingo experience on your smartphone or tablet that can ably mimic the real thing, then Bingo Bash is the app for you!

Check out Bingo Bash App on Google Playstore Here