Those who are on searching for a time tracking solution should look no further than BigTime or Core BQE. However, they should know what the real cost of implementation is and the complete list of features that are offered at that price. When comparing BigTime software vs Core BQE, users should look at vendor reliability, user reviews, pros, and cons. This article stacks both products against each other in an attempt to help buyers reach a smarter decision. 

Which One Has Better Features 

It is important to compare the functionality of both software and whether or not they can support the workflows of different organizations. Users can evaluate BigTime and BQE Core by looking at their time tracking, dashboards, mobile application, and billing capabilities. 

Features of Core BQE 

Extensive dashboards 

Core BQE offers users a way to quickly catch up with the project details and get a complete overview of the operations directly on the dashboard. The dashboards are customizable and include all information useful to a manager or executive from various aspects of the project. The users can also create an unlimited number of dashboards and get real-time updates on the data. The information is automatically updated, and information is provided to the system which helps users make intelligent decisions at the right moment.


Constant Monitoring 

BQE Core gives managers and every other user the tools they need to efficiently monitor all projects, budgets, and people. They can always stay on top of the employee activities, and tasks, and monitor the progress of current projects. It is easy to ensure that everything stays within the limits of an allowed budget and they can remain profitable or productive for as long as possible. 

Automated Processes 

One difference between BigTime software vs Core BQE is that the latter makes it possible for teams to put their work on autopilot. The application has several tools for billing, invoicing, reporting, and other tasks so they can easily be handled by the system. The team members can save their time and spend it on tasks that require their constant attention. 

Mobile Application 

Core BQE has a native mobile application for both Android and iOS devices. Those employees that are working off-site or traveling for the job can continue to fulfill their duties even when they are on the road. They can respond to all questions, comments, and feedback promptly to make sure the operations are not halted because of them.  

Features of BigTime  

Time Tracking 

It is easier to capture and track billable hours with the BigTime mobile timesheet. It has a user-friendly interface with a one-tap feature for effortless and single-handed monitoring. The clients will be billed according to the hours the team has spent working on their project. This feature can work offline as well, and all the records will be backed up on the cloud when the user is back online. They can also view daily or weekly statistics by customizing the views.  

Expense Monitoring 

All expenses from mileage, and purchases, to petty cash can be tracked with BigTime software. Users can add expense receipts from their mobile phones as well to make sure the records are safe. It is easier to organize the expenses and sort them according to whether they are reimbursable or non-billable. The expenses are automatically linked to projects and save teams a lot of time in terms of manual documenting. The expense is matched to the project and all functions are available in offline or online records which is a point in BigTime’s favor in the BigTime software vs Core BQE debate. 

Invoice Generation 

Users can choose from any of the available templates and customize them using the editor tool. They can edit the invoice according to the client’s currency or format preferences. The template editor also helps users personalize the invoice with the company logo, name, and other information. They can add the details the client would like to include such as time entries, notes, expenses, receipts, tax rates, budget status, remittance options, and sub-totals. 


All the data and analytics options are available on the BigTime software interface. The users can generate customized reports in just a few clicks. They can export these files in PDF, Word, or XLS format which makes it easier to customize the reports. The in-app tools help set up filters, search options, and a lot more. It is also possible to view the project status and the staff performance in the same window. All the details related to operations and which areas require improvement are mentioned on the platform and this feature is accessible only to the higher-ups. 

BigTime Software vs Core BQE – Pricing 

The total cost of ownership for time tracking software includes the licensing fee, subscription costs, software training expenses, hardware costs, maintenance fee, and other expenses. These might be advertised or appear as hidden costs when buying new software. In terms of BigTime and BQE, both have similar pricing plans but differing total costs of ownership. 

BigTime begins pricing at $10 for every user per month which is considered lower than the average cost of time tracking software. BQE Core, on the other hand, starts at $7.95 per user which when compared to the competition is much lower. However, when adding the other fees and expenses the average cost of ownership is much lower for BigTime than it is for BQE core.  

Who is the Target Audience? 

Either one of the software is suitable for small to medium businesses but it can also be implemented in larger companies. The target audience for BQE Core is small, medium, and large-sized businesses. BigTime software can also be adopted by any organization because it is customizable and scalable. 

BigTime Software vs Core BQE – Which One Would You Choose? 

In terms of cost, BigTime is more expensive than BQE but when we look at the features both offer a lot of variety. BigTime is more scalable in the long run since it has more than one module.