It seems pretty incredible that it was only two years ago that the first big mobile winner scooped a massive 3.1 million playing on NetEnt’s progressive slot, Mega Fortune, and it was the very fact that the win was made using a mobile that hit the headlines, not the amount won.

Since the Micro gaming’s Mega Moolah paid out $8.7 million jackpot prize and that came after paying out another mega jackpot prize of $7.19 million, and the list goes on and on as more people turn to their mobile devices to source their entertainment which include online casinos.

Infact, today the smartphones that we use are more powerful than the laptops that were released only a few years ago, and with so much portable power available it’s easy to understand why people increasingly turn to their mobiles instead of the traditional computers.

Reports tell us that more than half of all web traffic actually comes from mobile platforms, so it becomes incredibly difficult for yesterday’s technology to compete with the expectations of people today who want to be able to source their entertainment whenever and wherever they choose.

The gambling industry as a whole has always pioneered new technology and innovative ideas so it was not really a huge surprise that they were light years ahead of other industries involving mobile devices.

Being able to have a bet or wager on your favourite site like from anywhere in the country at your convenience would have been unfathomable just a few years ago, but that is exactly what you can now do. Not only can you enjoy your favourite games but you are able to take advantage of all the bonuses and promotional offers in exactly the same way as you would on your laptop.

Having the luxury to enjoy your favourite games in bed, at the beach, or commuting to and from work is precisely what mobile gaming is about, and as long as you have a decent internet connection, you’re good to go.

We all lead busy lives and that means that anything that is convenient gets a thumb’s up, yet convenience is only one of the plus points of mobile games. Flash and HTML5 are letting the developers adapt players favourite desktop games for the smartphone, all with the same graphics and special features we all enjoy, but totally portable.