It was in 2008 when we first heard about Blockchain as it came as the prime technology, which drives the show of the first ever crypto in the market called Bitcoin. The year first witnessed a massive financial crisis in the market, revealing some mysterious figures released like a message to the world. The news came from the Bitcoin white paper. The global meltdown or recession badly hit the market and people. Thanks to the fiat currency-based economy, which was more damaging due to recession and inflation. Hence Bitcoin came as an alternative to fiat currency to embark as an alternative to money. These included the common ones like USD or pound and many more. Satoshi Nakamoto was the man behind bringing out this currency into the market. Bitcoin’s driving technology was Blockchain, which is still on top. Since then, we have seen technology becoming synonymous with it to the extent that people have started using it interchangeably. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, then you can click on the image link which I have applied to the below image:

Blockchain is getting a boost with Bitcoin.  

Once Bitcoin was introduced, we heard the definition that stated it to be a new electronic cash system, which is entirely P2P without involving any third party. This message came from Satoshi, the man behind bringing this currency to the market. It was in October 2008 when we heard this happening to have a digital coin working on a P2P network. No mint or other trusted parties came as unknown participants working like Hashcash in the market. Satoshi and his team brought out this currency which is no less than a revolution in the market. He announced that the money was plagued with digital currencies in the market. Nakamoto was seen working with several technologies and assembling them in different ways. 

Also, the technologies and ideas involve cryptography that remains with algorithms, economics and game theory concepts. With all these ideas, we finally saw the launching of Bitcoin with one term; Blockchain attached to it. The term is about a new ledger technology that takes care of validating the currency while you are busy transacting in the market. It came as a significant breakthrough, which earlier digital transaction systems failed to gain in the market. The idea of bringing out Bitcoin also helped Blockchain gain good popularity. However, the technology was present before it finally came on the market. In a nutshell, Bitcoin helped make Blockchain a popular technology in the world, particularly with this crypto in the market. 

Blockchain vs Bitcoin

To understand the moot topic, you need to compare Bitcoin and Blockchain. Talking about the latter is a technology that manages and underpins Bitcoin. Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that helps record transactions or any information in a generation to carry out the network like participants. A log records the transaction details permanently and updates the record in a sequence. A decentralized ledger is something that works like a single authority that further controls the written shared ledger. Blockchain helps in coordinating the information with multiple participants. The transaction record comes under excellent security only through the help of this technology. We see that transactions or managing forms of communication are possible only due to the presence of Blockchain technology. These things are done with cryptographic functions along with other stuff like timestamps. You can find immutability in records like tamper-resistant cases that remain very difficult to change once you see them written off over the ledger. 

Consensus Process 

The next thing that Blokchcian helps use is multiple participants who require to agree on getting more information. We see many more environments wherein you can find Blokchcians are now often used. You can have different participants who are not required to rely on each other. Several participants are interacting with Blockchain via their computers or nodes. These can easily take part in validating the transaction by adding a ledger. Agreeing about the information comes as a recorded thing over a register. These are known as the consensus process, and different consensus systems remain active in this field. We see public Blockchain as staying very transparent, and it comes with the meaning of correct information written over the ledger that helps validate the participation within the Blockchain network. It comes with the ability to participate in the transaction verification process, and it helps get the transaction riders and activities that make things par with its requirement. You can find the activities and transactions making the Blockchain transparent and decentralized.