A Guide to Betting on the 2021 T20 Cricket World Cup

The 2021 T20 world cup is just around the corner. This cup will be the seventh edition of the competition. The rise of worldwide T20 leagues like Pakistan Super League (PSL) and Indian Premier League (IPL) has caused an increase in the number of cricket fans.

Punters in India, England, Pakistan, and other cricket-dominating countries across the globe will be bracing up to enter the betting market. Many fans engage in BBL betting and IPL betting. The T20 world cup betting is on a whole new dimension.

Several top sports betting bookmakers like Betway, Bovada, and BetOnline are providing early odds and predictions for cricket bettors. The cricket teams participating in the tournament are also in excellent form. We are in for an exciting tournament.

Date and Venue for the T20 Cricket World Cup

Date and Venue for the T20 Cricket World Cup

In the middle of last, the International Cricket Council announced that India will be the venue for the 2021 T20 competition. The tournament was meant to hold in Australia between October and November of 2020. The spread of the COVID-19 virus caused a postponement of the event.

The emerging COVID-19 pandemic in India made the Committee shift the venue to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The International Cricket Council (ICC) has fixed 17th October 2021 for the opening match of the competition. Oman will host the preliminary games of the tournament.

Channels to Watch the T20 Cricket World Cup Games

Major TV channels like ESPN and Sky Sports will broadcast the 2021 T20 Cricket world cup. The domestic sports channels could also show the T20 Cricket world cup. People who choose to use the services of online bookmakers can stream the live T20 games.

Streaming live cricket games will not attract any extra fees. One criterion is that you should have a verified betting account. For most sports betting sites, you can stream games if you have placed a wager in the last 24 hours or have a positive funding account. Find out more on the page of your bookmaker of choice.

Visit this page for more updates on the T20 world cup and other vital cricket news.

Steps to Bet on the T20 World Cup Games

It is easy to bet on the T20 cricket world cup. Navigate to the site of your favorite bookmaker and follow the steps below.

  • Create an account if you don’t have one. If you already have an account, log in to the account.
  • Select your preferred method of payment to fund you’re playing account.
  • Hover to the sports available on the site and click on cricket.
  • Select the T20 cricket world cup
  • Click on any match of your choice
  • Enter the amount of funds that you want to stake and validate it.

How to Read Cricket Betting Odds

How to Read Cricket Betting Odds

For novices, it might be a bit confusing to understand cricket odds. It is easy. Once you know how to read cricket odds, you can bet on games with an understanding of the possible results.

The most common way that most Sports betting sites express cricket odds is the decimal method. Cricket betting odds express the likelihood of an event occurring. Let us imagine an example. England is facing Zimbabwe in a match. The betting odds for the game are:

  • England to win: 3.25
  • Draw: 1.40
  • Zimbabwe to win: 15.00

Lower odds depict a more probable result. The number 15 shows that Zimbabwe is the underdog or outsider for the match. England has lower odds which indicate that they are the odds-on favorites for the game. If you stake $100 on the match, the total payout that you will win for each outcome is:

  • England to win – 3.25 x $100= $325
  • Draw – 1.40 x $100= $140
  • Zimbabwe to win – 15 x $100= $1500

The possible payout shows that you can win more by placing your bet on Zimbabwe. It is important to recall that Zimbabwe is the underdogs. Many cricket games don’t favor the underdogs.

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Tips to Know Before Betting on the T20 Cricket Games

Tips to Know Before Betting on the T20 Cricket Games

It is not enough to log in to your favorite bookmaker’s site and place your bet. The two tips below will help you while placing your bets.

Find Out the Weather Forecast for the Matchday

The weather condition affects the outcome of cricket matches. Keep in mind the games that might be played in rainy conditions. It is possible to lose some playtime because of stormy conditions. If there will be significant rainfall during a match, the possibility of a tie increases.

Also, bowlers and fielders will find it more difficult to handle the ball because it will be wet. Fast bowlers are known to take advantage of this scenario. The sun also sets faster in some countries compared to others.

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Conduct Sufficient Research on the Form of the Players

There are several websites with sufficient records to help you know the form of players and teams. It is vital in cricket betting to know the form of the team that you choose to support. It can be difficult for a team to regain its magic when they lose the first game of a big series.

Check the performance of each player in the team. Check the history of a bowler in a particular venue. How has he fared against that same opponent in the past?


The 2021 T20 world cup promises to be exciting for prospective cricket fans. Top teams like England, Australia, and India will compete for Cricket’s grand prize. 

If you plan to bet on games in the competition, keep yourself updated on every fact on teams participating in the tournament.

Over the next few months, we hope there won’t be another wave of the COVID-19 virus to cause a third postponement of the tournament.