Established in 1997 in California, streaming giant Netflix has remained the de facto leader of the OTT platform for a considerable period of time, now staving off competition from the likes of Amazon Video, amongst others. However, the world’s category leader in the crowded video streaming industry has shown signs of slowing down with respect to signing on new subscribers, falling well short of its own projections last quarter. This has happened mainly owing to the recent emergence of competitors led by Disney, with the recently announced merger of WarnerMedia/Discovery not doing them any favours. 

There were subsequent reports suggesting that Netflix was dabbling with the idea of launching an all-new video game service that would enable them to expand their subscriber base as well as provide them with a new stream of revenue. This shift in strategy is based on the strong reported growth of the video gaming industry during the pandemic, with reports indicating that it is set to continue in the years ahead. As per current market trends, the video gaming industry has become the fastest-growing entertainment category, with revenues that are considerably bigger than the music and film industry combined. 

Furthermore, there is a growing trend amongst video game developers to capitalize on the popularity of a successful series available to stream online and create engaging video games on the same premise. We’ll now be looking at a handful of successful video games based on the Netflix series, which has captivated a considerable section of gamers building on the success of the former. 

A Parallel Market to the Online Casinos Games

While casino games available online have been a revolution across the fraternity, the new breed of OOT-inspired video games seems to be the next big thing. Obviously, the audience for both might be very different. While casino games such as Slots, Roulettes, Poker, etc., are lucrative in terms of cash earnings and grow their popularity with the latest no deposit casino bonuses UK gamblers can use, OOT games are purely intended for subscriptions and fun.

Let’s the following examples:

  1. Stranger Things 3: The Game
  2. Money Heist Video Game

Stranger Things 3: The Game

This aforementioned video game is based on the hugely popular teen series produced by Netflix and follows the same premise and related plots of the runaway hit. Coincidentally the game debuted on the very same day as the third season of the series premiered on the streaming platform. It is interesting to note that the company has not been developing or producing the games on its own, instead opting to grant licenses of the characters to independent studios and in this case, it was no different.

The game itself is an old-school arcade game sporting a free-flowing open-world structure. In the game itself, the story, characters, and plot points are all tied down neatly with the third season of the successful franchise series and borrows heavily from the same for inspiration. 

The gameplay itself has been kept simple and lucid and is surprisingly better when compared to the arcade games in its category, including runaway hits such as SpongeBob Squarepants, Scooby-Doo, and Rugrats. This game was targeted towards the die-hard fans of the show, and one can argue that it was able to do its job of cashing in on the popularity of the show and get people talking before the launch of the new season. 

Our Verdict

While it is true that Stranger Things 3: The Game is primarily aimed at the die-hard enthusiasts of the fandom, it is true that it did strike a chord with the audience it was originally marketed to. To be fair to the game, it was thoughtfully ideated and managed to strike a balance between the plots adhering to the show and the game structure. The combats in the game and the quests make it worth the gamer’s while just the way one would like it. 

Money Heist Video Game

The ever-so-recognizable Dali masks, orange jumpsuits, and the tunes of “Bella Ciao” took the digital world by storm a couple of years ago. Money Heist, another Netflix production, was originally made in Spanish, but given its popularity, it was dubbed to English to cater to a more global audience. By the end of the third season of the successful series, fans were ready to get their hands on practically anything that they could find. Game developer Ubisoft saw this as an opportunity to cash in on the popularity and to fill the void while millions were waiting with bated breath for the fourth season of the franchise to hit the screens. 

However, unlike other video games, it was launched as a limited-time game exclusively available between the 20th and the 24th of November 2019 and was made available for free under a partnership entered by Ubisoft and Netflix. The game revolves around the character sporting the jumpsuit and the Dali mask trying to rescue hostages. Staying true to the series it borrows from, and the game had a themed mode that took the player through a bank map while dodging and fighting attackers while trying to rescue the hostage. 

Ubisoft had incorporated the game into its already successful video game “Rainbow Six Siege,” allowing players to permanently add the mask and the jumpsuit to their collection. 

Our Verdict

The major letdown of the game has to do with the fact it is only available as a limited time video game and offered as a part of other games, especially when the series itself is very popular, and the game generated some serious traffic and garnered considerable attention in its rather short life span. Ubisoft did a decent job at incorporating the storyline as well as taking care of the little details. The gameplay itself borrows from the “Rainbow Six Siege” and is intuitive and good, especially for a 4-day event game that it was meant to be. 


Thus, it is possible to infer that Netflix is already taking baby steps in the lucrative domain of video games to jack up its revenue streams and diversify and cater to a larger audience. It has been collaborating with game developers such as Ubisoft to come up with new game titles and garner some subscriptions for its streaming platform, which continues to be its primary source of revenue.

Another avenue where Netflix is looking to test the waters happens to be the lucrative forum of online casinos, given their popularity and player engagements. Truth be told, we might see online casino games popping up on the streaming platform in the not-so-distant future.