Sharing your home floor with pets like dogs and cats means that your floor will always suffer from hair drops on the carpets. These pets sometimes love to play on the carpet and hence drop their hair on it. You will need to do regular vacuum cleaning to rid the floor carpet of the hairy dirt. Making a choice as to the best pet hair vacuum cleaner is not easy and hence this review on available best products acts as a good guide. If you opt to do your search online, it requires you to check for the best product offering sites such as and others. Here below is a list of some of the best cleaners.


The Robot Vacuum cleaners are the real ultimate solution to all your pet hair cleaning needs. This product has three main best models such as;

• Botvac™ 85- This best model features a perfect combo brush that is unique in design and picks all pet hair from your carpet. The cleaner works silently even when doing hard floors like tile and hardwood floors. It uses a patent –laser guided technique that maps and scans the room plans, methodically and automatically doing the job. It has a fifty percent larger brush, cleaning brush with precise edges, better dirt bin that picks more debris and dirt

• Botvac™ D85- A high performing cleaner designed to tackle all hairs from the floor. Comes with a well-designed, combo brush that is very effective even on hard floors such as tiles and wood. Also, uses a patented guided laser technology just like the 85.

• Botvac™ Connected- A very powerful cleaner with a WI-Fi- enabled the robot to do the Neato robot control anywhere. This mobile Neato app enables you to automatically control the cleaner to do everything for you. It uses two cleaning modes i.e the Eco and the Turbo mode to do a quick and excellent job.

You can read more about robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair Here.


The Bissell 959A carpet hair cleaner works wonders in getting very stubborn fur out of the carpet while using it is quite easy. The cleaner is a bagless model but the job it does is excellent. This cleaner has various models that help you to clean, remove stub born stains deodorize the carpet and remove smelly odours from the carpet such as;

• Shark Navigator

The model is preferred as it does an even coverage of the entire floor surface. It is best suited to cleaning tile, laminated and hardwood floors. The design features are good such that it does not do any floor scratching.

• Hoover-WindTunnel MAX

The max version has a cyclonic technology that makes sure that all hair and other dirt particles are completely removed from the floor. The main advantage is that it will handle pet hair cleaning in a fast and does not require regular maintenance.

• Dyson- Big Ball Animal

This is one of the best pet hairs cleaner in the market. It is the best model for an upright in your house. It has a powerful suction capacity compared to other cleaners. It is quite easy to use, capture extra dust, maintain and adjusts automatically.


The Samsung Powerbot-VR9000 is a robotic cleaner that is quite costly, though it offers value for money in terms of efficiency. The robotic cleaner is very manoeuvrable, easy navigation has a high horsepower. It has a very wide brush bar bigger than all vacuum cleaners. It is able to pick up all dust including hair, sand, baking soda, oatmeal and orzo debris found on the carpet and floors. For navigation, the cleaner has 10 powerful sensors and a state of the art camera. It comes with well-designed sensors that are able to detect dust and knows where it is dirtiest. Main features are:

• Remote control to control the robotic cleaner
• Dust sensors for a thorough cleaning exercise
• An automatic room from room automatically set cleaning system
• Is able to detect the charger after cleaning and returns to it.


This is an ideal vacuum cleaner that has a lightweight. The upright cleaner is a two in one lift away cleaner that has canisters which can be detached to provide a powerful portable cleaner. It features a lift away-technology that makes it easier to lift the canister from it and do the cleaning job even in difficult parts. Its nozzle is built with LED Lights plus an advanced swiveling steering to see everything and control the movements among the furniture. It also features an extra-large dust cup and has a fully sealed system together with a HEPA-filter that traps allergens and traps the dust. The best features are:

• For easy cleaning just press the button and lift the canister. Is able to reach the most difficult areas
• Has a two in one vacuum- Lift away and upright to do portable cleaning
• The pet power brush is of high quality and picks everything from the floor
• The automatic swivel steering and the led headlights makes work of moving around and visibility easy


In terms of product review ratings, this vacuum cleaner is considered to be one of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair. It is a cleaner that works very fast towards removing all hair and other fluff using a Turbo brush technology. The vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning carpets that would require being handled very carefully. It has a mini Turbo brush that is suitable for removing hair parts from some of the most hidden areas like under the furniture. It has a very well built upholstery nozzle, dusting brushes and a crevice nozzle that enables you to handle different cleaning scenarios. Best features include:

• An active air cleaning filter to do the filtering of bad odours that come from pet hair
• Has a six stages-rotary dial to decrease and increase its suction power according to the situation you are in
• Other features include a 1200 watts power capacity, a weight of 5.4 kg, a capacity of 4.5 litres and a rate B’ carpet performance.


With the above review, you can then proceed to check full details of the product and then make your order request. Again you can visit product sites for pricing and shipping details.