Are You A Content Creator Who Put A Lot Of Effort And Didn’T Get A Wanted Result?

Here are 6 actionable tips to get it going.

You might have been working hard and dishing out content at a consistent rate and still not getting as much engagement as you would have hoped, or you have reached an unwanted climax where it feels like there is stagnancy and not any more growth in your followership and money. You’re not alone and you are not cursed. These things happen to the best of us.

From content creators on big platforms like Twitter and Instagram to those having their comfort spaces on mildly populated platforms like All create and Talkytimes, the battle to keep that graph of growth/result pointing up can be quite a difficult one. Even when you are doing well, knowing that there is a continuous increase in the number of content creators on a daily basis will also keep you on your toes.

Here are 6 pieces of advice that you can take heed of, and they will help in tilting the scale to your favor. They are simple things that you can implement on the fly. Not everything will work for you, but you’ll find your match.

#1 – Improve your SEO and Copywriting skills

Sometimes the problem isn’t the content itself, it might just be the visibility. Nowadays, most consumers of content use a lot of platforms like search engines without knowing it. Youtube is frequently described to be the 2nd most popular search engine, without actually being made to be a search engine in the first place. This is because people began to search for videos on it just the way they ask questions on proper search engines like Google, with keywords and questions.

With this knowledge, you can now understand why it is practically useful to brush up on your copywriting and SEO skills. The copywriting skills will help you entice audiences, while the SEO will help in getting you seen much more often. These will be implemented in your topics, hashtags, captions and even directly in the beginning of your content, in order to retain the audience’s attention.

One last thing is that you can hire a copywriter to work on this with you, but it’s much better to learn it yourself, plus it saves some money.

#2 – Collaborate with the newer creators

You know what they say, “two heads are better than one.” The large creator economy might seem more of a competition ground but collaborations also thrive here. You can become one of the wise content makers who create bonds and work on joint content with other creators.

You might have to be the one who comes up with the proposals, but it helps if you have an audience of your own to offer or you have very innovative content ideas. Once you get a positive response the opportunity that you are open to can become really useful. By collaborating, you both have the chance to inherit from each other’s audiences in addition to the new audiences that will come from outside your circles. It helps to pick the new creators on the block who are beginning to do well or are beginning to show some potential.

#3 – Get personal with your audience

At the end of the day, the audience is the people we are trying to please. Where best to get information about what more would please them than from the horse’s mouth? Audience interaction is very useful in content creation. Making them connect with you on a personal level will make things easier for you. They would be able to communicate with you freely about their likes, dislikes, preferences, and even the type of content they would want to see next.

Interactions should be personal and can come in the form of sharing behind the scenes of your creation process, having Q&A sessions, and directly replying to comments about your work. Platforms have great chat features that aid interaction. Allcreate has a very user-friendly public chat during streaming sessions where the audience can share comments and online gifts when they are very pleased with your work.

Also, giving back to the audience in the form of gifts, tips, and other freebies is a way to create a good relationship with them and reduce the chances of losing the audience you got with hard work.

#4 – Be punctual to implement trending topics

Amidst the increased effort, this might be something you have already tried out. But here are some additional tips. Trending topics are the best things to create content about in order to get engagements. They might not be your favorite topics, but the fact that they are trending gives them an extra appeal, and this is something to take advantage of.

Where you go to search for your trending topics is also a factor. Although platforms like Twitter have their trend tables where you can see the current leading topics, these can be implemented but are very short-lived trending topics. Google remains the number one search engine worldwide, a very good place to do your topic analysis is by checking Google Trends. Here you can analyze how popular topics are and even do comparisons between topics to know which is best to create content.

Your punctuality is also a very important factor. Many creators are also observing the trend table and looking to pick a popular topic. You have to be in that fast lane and make sure to create your content early while still providing quality.

#5 – Get involved in other online activities

This is basically saying that you should have fun. The effort you are putting in is needed, but it’s time to move around and clear your head. Make use of social media to socialize, laugh and enjoy the content. When you do this, you open yourself to more ideas, and opportunities and also get a little clarity.

Watch other people’s streams, join spaces and also contribute. Sometimes a contribution in online events could bring more engagement than the content you post yourself. However, the content on your page should become the retaining factor for a new audience.

#6 – Do not give up

Failure isn’t complete until you give up. Do not give in to that feeling. Consistency is what gives you a better shot at achieving the results you need. Go back to the drawing board every time and work on your content strategy. The truth is that there’s some luck needed in making a hit but the chances of getting lucky increase with the number of content and effort you put out.

You can go through some tools that will help you with scheduling content and being more productive here. Hopefully one of these tips keeps you going and prevents you from giving up. Good luck! 👏