Nowadays, with the pandemic context still hunting us, more and more companies are giving their employees the possibility to work remotely. A couple of years ago was a nice thing to have for people, now it is becoming a fact. Thus, more and more people are relocating or working from home. Indeed, working from home or another place than the company’s office has benefits and some minuses.

First, working from home saves you some time, yet after a while, you get a little bored to see the same space every day or not having direct contact with your team. Second, sometimes you might look comfortable working from your own space, but after a while is better for your mental health if you could work in a hybrid model. Still, if you enjoy working from anywhere or your own home, you can have many tricks under your sleeve to make you more productive or improve your balance between work and life under the same roof.

Project Management Tools

If you’re working in a company or business with more than two departments or want to have the big picture of people workflow, you should use a project management tool. And not only this. You could organize and manage better all your projects, and each team gets to know the stage for each task or sub-task.

Also, it is an excellent solution if you would like each member to be aware of each one’s process and communicate on each project. Of course, there are many great tools on the market, and the competition is enormous. But some project management tools are worth trying. We can begin with, ClickUp, Asana, the most popular, Teamwork, or Wrike. Each one offers a lot of features that might be useful when working remotely.

Team Collaboration

It is almost the same thing as a project management tool, yet there are some differences. These products facilitate communication between team members by offering them a digital space to send messages directly or share relevant information about their projects. Indeed, some project management tools have integrated this part into their structure, yet if you only want a solution for your team to communicate better, choose a dedicated tool for collaboration.

Slack is one of the most popular software products, as many big companies are using it. And is quite efficient. Wrike and ClickUp are project management tools but have this collaboration feature integrated, and then you have, which is relatively new on the market.

Video Conferencing Software

Who didn’t hear about Zoom during this pandemia? People worldwide could see with their loved ones, classmates, or team members and communicate. Moreover, you can use video conferencing even for business meetings, corporate events, and even online concerts. But Zoom is not the only tool that you can use to video-communicate. Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet are some of the big players in this industry.

These are just some great tools that you can use when working remotely. In addition, there are tools for time tracking, meeting software that will ease your business process, and so on. Another great tool that will help you balance work and life is Todoist, working more than a simple to-do list. With the right software products, you can improve your work and life and make this remote work much easier and more pleasant. Also, before purchasing a subscription, you should read as many reviews as you can from specialized websites.