Startup means a stub. So what is the difference between a startup and a small ( or medium) enterprise?  A startup business is a business that is expected to grow and dominate a niche market quickly and then become a big company. Startup businesses usually prioritize new ideas and provide solutions to problems for consumers. This business also usually relies on technology to help business growth, so it is not wrong if some people view a startup business as a business that is engaged in technology.

Startups are very dependent on technology, in this case, software. That’s why they are very dependent on software development companies for startups. If you’re working on your startup, here are our recommendations for the best software developers for funded startups:


SumatoSoft is a software development company focused on transparent collaboration. This means that the client and the company understand each other without getting anything hidden or hidden. All client needs, from the largest to the smallest, are understood and solutions are sought.

Innowise Group

It is a software development company that caters to global consumers but so far has focused more on Eastern European customers. Having no less than 800 IT experts, this company will not be short of ideas for engineering software that is used for very specific purposes.

Yellow Systems

The company has an excellent reputation, having helped the success of more than 40 global businesses. Not only that, Yellow Systems has been recognized as one of the Top 1000 Global Clutch Service Providers, Top B2B Companies, and Top Mobile App Developers.

Right Information

This software development company has been operating since 2001. As a company with a focus on business software development, Right Information emphasizes efficiency in digital transformation. Many needs are accommodated, such as software interface design, implementation, and maintenance. In other words, the Right Information can guide consumers to the final result.


This company has complete resources. There are many IT experts employed, mainly data engineers and internal data scientists. BroutonLab takes an iterative approach to everything data science issues. There are many start-ups and established technology companies that have worked with BroutonLab and so far they have responded positively. This may have something to do with BroutonLab’s ability to work fractionally in the provision of complex AI solutions. is a software agency based in three major European cities; London, Milan, and Lisbon. This company has a fairly strong base because it was founded by a team of former startup founders, which include the best talents in Machine & Deep Learning, Software Development, UX/UI Designing, and such things. With varied backgrounds, they unite and collaborate to form a software company that can meet the real needs of emerging new startups. One interesting characteristic of is that this software development company provides the widest spectrum of services when compared to similar companies. They accommodate everything; Web, Mobile, and Cloud.


This software development company has been in operation for 11 years and the secret to its success is a full range of experienced resources. Just imagine, Codemotion has an internal team consisting of 100 Ninjas and 120 MVPs with a success rate of 99%.

Contact one of them and you will get the right help!