Education is the building block of a society. A person who is educated is likely to be a good and a responsible citizen. Education helps us by providing us a sense of judgment and logical thinking. It shows us the right way to succeed and helps us in understanding the difference between what’s wrong and what’s right. 

I read an article from a website called Hq-essay which said, �school is the temple of knowledge and education’. It is very important for a person to study in the best school he possibly can. A good school provides us healthy environment where we can grow and learn among others who are in a way like you, searching for knowledge in the temple of education.

Keeping this in mind, let’s see best schools in Canada

1. University of Toronto

Founded in the year 1827, this university had around 80 percent of undergrads. This university teaches applied science and engineering, management and public health. The primary language of this school is english. 

2. University of British Colombia

Established in the year 1908 and opened in 1915, this university has two campuses. The Vancouver campus and the Okanagan campus, while Vancouver being the bigger campus. Vancouver campus hold 85 percent of students of the university. 

3. McGill University

This university was founded on 1821 and it is located in Quebec , Canada. This university have two campuses which are around 20 miles apart from each other. Students from more than 150 countries come here for education. This place has 40 research centres.

4. McMaster University

This university was bulid on 1887 and is not far away from US borders. Students from more than 75 countries come here to study and gain education. The academic divisions in this university are engineering, health sciences, humanities, science, social sciences and the DeGroote School of Business. 

5. University of Alberta

This institute was founded in 1908. 80 percent of students in this university are undergrads. This university has about 5 campus. Academics such as arts, business, engineering and medicine are provided in this university. English is the primary language here but in Saint-Jean (one of the campus) french is spoken. Around 20 percent of the students are international, although they have to pay higher fee. 

There are a few more schools that provide good education with a learning environment such as University of Montreal, University of Calgary, University of Ottawa, etc. All these schools have excellent faculties and resources to help you with your education and learning. Every school will have pros and cons, you need to decide which school is the best for you. 

If you choose a good school, you choose a good environment to learn and gain knowledge and new experiences. As important it is to gain knowledge and education, choosing a school that fits your priorities is also as important. A good school can provide you a better understanding to see through things clearly and make your future plans. School is considered to be the most important part of our lives, it’s time to learn new things, make new plans and find our interests. So you should choose your school very wisely.