One of the top perks about living in the modern age is the potential to work from anywhere in the world. Digital nomads – as the name suggests – conduct their work in a nomadic way, allowing them to travel around as long as they remain online. If you’ve ever had dreams of sending emails from a balmy Bali beach or reveling in the wonders of co-working in a trendy New York skyrise, the digital nomad life might be worth exploring. 

All too often, freelancers have to wear multiple hats since running a business requires tip-top organization and comprehensive business management knowledge. When it comes to freelancing, one thing is for sure: Wherever you are in the world, you need project management software that you can rely on. 

Here we explore four fantastic project management apps that allow freelancers, small business owners, and digital nomads to manage projects, finances, clients, and proposals with absolute ease. These platforms take the stress out of managing business admin and keep you on top form, no matter where you are. 


The Indy management platform really has it all for freelancers and offers nine impressive features to aid freelancers in managing their projects and handling the admin side of things. The intuitive platform is super easy to navigate, offering freelancers a no-hassle approach to running their business. Say goodbye to streams of paperwork (a severe hindrance to those on the move), and hello to a complete suite offering to help you manage any project. There are many reasons why Indy has gained such a following. Some top features allow you to achieve the following and more: 

  • Write and generate invoices and get paid with ease
  • Access contract or proposal templates and score that new job
  • Communicate with colleagues via the chat feature to make collaborative projects an easy feat
  • Track your projects on the task tracker and monitor time spent on the job so that you can accurately track your hours

The online calendar feature can also sink with your Google calendar. This makes Indy a fantastic option for anyone wanting to diminish admin stress and network with other creatives in the field. 


Trello is a popular collaboration tool, especially beneficial for small teams and collaborative projects. The program offers some pretty neat features that allow users to communicate with each other easily so that all members of your team are on the same page (even if they are continents apart!) 

At a simple glance, Trello offers a clear and condensed view of who is working on what. Trello does this via boards (which are essentially column tabs), and they can be quickly created and assigned as needed. Trello also offers some other nifty tools, allowing users to:

  • Assign tasks to co-workers and other collaborators as needed 
  • Showcase projects statistics so you can get an overview of your progress 
  • Manage the platform with ease, thanks to intuitive design and useability


Calendly is a pretty innovative app for those needing to sync their calendars with clients’. The app can easily showcase when you’re available, thus avoiding any schedule problems.

The app essentially works as a personal planning system and an appointment system. This is a great option for digital nomads and freelancers who only have certain time slots available (or who are living in places with hugely different time zones to that of their clients.) When you use Calendly, you can do the following:

  • Sync the app to client calendars (it integrates with various applications, including Outlook, Office 365, and Google. This avoids any potential double booking or schedule mix-ups.
  • Access the app via any device since it is optimized, and thus you won’t experience any issues with compatibility 
  • Can be easily integrated into your existing website for added ease, allowing clients to book appointments as needed 
  • Access various options, from the free version to the pro version 

The Takeaway 

Project management software can bolster your freelance game, allowing you to run your business from anywhere in the world. Since files, forms, contracts, and communication are all stored online, it’s the perfect tool for digital nomads who are always on the go!