Have the pandemic-related changes to everyday life caused you to lose hours or even your job? Maybe you’re employed but aren’t sure how reliable your job is? Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur that’s hanging on by a thread due to a decline in sales? Whatever your status is at this time, chances are you’re looking for financial opportunities to bridge the gap. Though there are several money-making options out there, sell merchandise online is growing in popularity. 

As millions of people remain sheltered in place or close to home for fear of contracting the coronavirus, the internet has become the ideal platform for shopping. Even with tighter budgets and fewer impulse purchases, the average consumer still needs a lot of items. While the pandemic has negatively impacted some industries, others have seen a spike in sales. By capitalizing on this opportunity and selling products from these industries could be your ticket to financial stability. 

Here’s a closer look at some of the hottest items to sell during the pandemic. 

Cell Phones and Accessories

Cell phones have always been a popular item in online shops. Amid the national health crisis, however, the need to keep in touch with friends, family, employers, colleagues, and clients is high. With shelter in place orders and social distancing, communicating via the telephone is often the safest option. 

Why not make communicating more manageable for those in need by selling cell phones and accessories like chargers, batteries, adapters, cases, and covers? You can purchase wholesale cell phones and advertise them to your target audience for a generous profit. 

Health and Wellness Products

Fear of contracting and spreading the coronavirus prompted many adults to get serious about their physical and emotional well-being. There has been an increased search for healthy lifestyle tips and holistic or alternative approaches to healing the mind and body. With this rising interest comes an increased demand for health and wellness merchandise. From herbal supplements and homemade soap to at-home fitness equipment and aromatherapy candles, making these items available through your eStore will undoubtedly boost sales. 

Face Masks

The coronavirus doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon. So, there is an increased need for protective gear like face masks to slow the spread. From frontline workers to teens, everyone is interested in buying the trendiest face mask. If you’re good with a sewing machine and have a cool concept for face covers, you could set up an Etsy shop and sell them. 

Household Cleaning Products

Medical experts have discovered that the coronavirus can remain in the air and on certain surfaces for hours or days. Realizing that this means the virus could be on everything from clothes and shoes to groceries and countertops, people have been hopping on the internet to purchase household cleaning products to eliminate it from their homes and office spaces. Whether you want to sell bleach and disinfectant sprays or eco-friendly cleaning products, you’re sure to sell out quickly and often. 

Pet Care Products

People aren’t the only ones that have been impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Pet care services such as groomers and some veterinarians have either closed or altered their hours. As a result, pet owners have had to complete tasks ranging from washing and grooming to flea and tick removal. Adding products like CBD treats, shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, nail clippers, grooming kits, and tea and tick treatments will give you store a boost in sales. 

Amid a national crisis, online shopping has become the safest and most convenient solution to acquire the things you need to survive. While some items seem to collect dust on shelves and in warehouses for weeks, others have become such a necessity that businesses can’t seem to keep up with the rising demand. As such, creating an eCommerce site or adding these items to an existing site is an effective way to boost sales during these uncertain times.