So you’ve decided to take the plunge and make your own website. That’s great and is something you are sure to have a lot of fun doing. It’s never been easier to start making your own website, as there are so many great platforms out there which you can use to build your site.

Whether you run your own business and want to create a website to promote your products or services, or maybe you just want to start your online blog, there are so many reasons why it’s important to have a website.

Using WordPress to Make Your Website

The most popular is the WordPress CMS (content management system). It is an extremely powerful platform which is actually behind more than 33% of the websites you’ll find online today.

For anyone starting out to make a website for the first time, WordPress is the best option. It’s very easy to use, packed full of great features and has a huge selection of templates, known as themes, which you can use to create a beautiful looking website.

Good Web Hosting

Your choice of web host will be one of the most important decisions that you make when it comes to your website. There are hundreds of web hosts all over the world offering a wide range of hosting solutions.

The question that is on the tip of everyone’s lips is “which hosting company should I use?”. With so many to choose from, how do you know which one to pick. If you want to check out some comprehensive comparisons of web hosts, then pay a visit to the Fortune Lords blog, which has lots of helpful information.

There are a number of things to look at when it comes to a good web host. You will want one that has a selection of different hosting options from shared hosting, which is what will probably be the best option when starting out, through to VPS (virtual private servers) and dedicated servers. 

You will also want to work with a web host that has good client support. You never know when you might run into problems, so it’s important to have a host that offers 24/7 support, or who are least very responsive when it comes to helping clients.

Use Some Essential Plugins

One of the great things about the WordPress platform is the number of different plugins that are available for you to use on your website. Plugins are basically pieces of code that when installed on your site, can perform different functions. 

You can find plugins to create beautiful photo galleries or even things as complex as online reservation systems for businesses such as restaurants, beauticians or hotels. WordPress is a very powerful platform and can be used to create all kinds of websites.

Some of the essential plugins that you should be using include:

Cache Plugins

There are a number of different cache plugins such as Fastest Cache and Litespeed Cache. These can really help improve the user experience for your website by speeding up the page loading times.

Security Plugins

One of the most popular security plugins for WordPress sites is WordFence, which is a free download which adds a whole range of security layers to your website. There is also a premium version available if you want to use some of their additional features.

Image Compressor

When you upload images to your WordPress site, they might be huge in size. If you install an image compressor plugin such as Smush, your images will automatically be resized and optimized for you, helping to provide a faster user experience.

An SEO Plugin

If you want your website to rank well in Google and other search engines, then it is very important that the site is properly optimized. There are a number of SEO plugins that you can install that will help you in this to make sure that your pages are well optimized, and that you are targeting the right keywords and search phrases.

Some of the most popular SEO plugins include All-in-one SEO, Yoast, RankMath and several others. Each has their own pros and cons, so it’s a good idea to read up on them a little first before deciding which one to go with.

Other Plugins

In addition to some of the essentials mentioned above, there are a whole other range of plugins that you can install that will do everything. There are thousands of free plugins available to download and install from the WordPress repository, as well as paid for plugins that are available from companies or private developers.

One thing to be careful with when it comes to plugins is not to use too many. Each additional plugin that you install on your website is going to affect the loading speed of the site. Having 6 or so different plugins is fine, but if you find yourself installing and using 20 or more, then you are going to run into issues in the near future.

Use a Premium Theme If Possible

There are thousands of different themes available for WordPress which are suitable for every imaginable website you can think of. Whether you want a theme for a flower shop, a restaurant, an art gallery or anything else, you’ll find one.

One thing to take note of is that in addition to the free themes you can download from WordPress, there are also hundreds of paid themes also available. In some instances, going with a paid theme will be a better option, as it means that you should have support if you run into any problems, as well as the themes being regularly updated. Free themes are fine to use, but sometimes, when the WordPress core updates, you might find that the site is not working as it should.

Keep Themes And Plugins Updated

One of the most important things in ensuring the success of your WordPress website is making sure that everything is up to date. This includes the core version of WordPress, your theme and your plugins. 

You’ll be informed in your dashboard whenever there is an update available, so make sure you do keep everything updated. Using outdated themes and plugins can cause serious problems for your website, including the potential of it being hacked.

Updates are released whenever problems might arise in a plugin or theme, and the developers usually always get things fixed quickly and release the updates for users to download.

A Few Final Thoughts

WordPress really is an excellent platform for making websites. It’s secure, fast and very versatile. It might take a little time to get used to how to use it, but after that, managing your website will be a breeze. And there are so many different online communities including forums and Facebook groups, so you can always find new ideas, discuss problems and find help when you need it.