In the Philippines, gambling has been prevalent for decades, if not centuries. And, today, this industry is expanding online, making games where you wager your money more popular and diverse. Furthermore, today’s gamers have access to a myriad of online casinos that offer a variety of services and simple ways to make gambling an enjoyable pastime.

This variety can be puzzling for some Filipino players, particularly those who are new to the iGaming scene and don’t know where to start. The number of gambling platforms available is enormous, and the parameters of each might differ significantly. Furthermore, players may come across sites that are not trustworthy, which could be an issue. Other players, on the other side, find it difficult to pick up on the rules and tricks of particular games.

However, there is a single option that can assist Filipino gamblers in becoming advanced users of iGaming platforms. It is that covers a wide variety of aims in order to simplify things and make gambling a more accessible hobby for everyone. ScanTeam initiated the project in August 2021, and it is still in its early stages.

The main highlights of this project are:

  • well-renowned and reliable online casinos in the Philippines
  • mobile casinos for play on the go
  • easy-to-use and fast payment options at casino sites
  • description of main table games and their rules
  • overview of live games and platforms to play them
  • things to take into account about bonuses and how to get them
  • reviews of free slots and demo versions.

In other words, it’s ideal for anyone who requires a type of handbook to help them sort things out. In addition, the guide will be valuable for seasoned Filipino casino lovers who are always looking for something new and want to be the first to learn about new slot machine launches and newly launched gambling sites.

Convenient Interface Above All

Perhaps you’ve already come across sites that share a common subject. What, therefore, is the difference between all of those platforms and the 2021 project? One of the clear advantages is the site’s interface, which is user-friendly and meets all of the expectations of gamblers.

When players visit the main page, they will find basic details on Philippine online casinos. Readers can learn about how the industry operates in this country and which sites are now offering the finest options. The page contains links to the websites of each of the iGaming platforms mentioned. There are also reviews of all of the casinos mentioned, so gamblers can learn about licenses, deposit and withdrawal limitations, promotions, and plenty of other information.

Those who feel that this information is insufficient might use the site’s menu to expand their search. Do you want to learn more about payments? It’s no problem. Discover about the many payment options accessible in the Philippines by visiting this page. You can also learn about standard limitations, casinos that offer these payment services, and so on. Bonus hunters will also find a wealth of information, including Philippine online casino deals and wagering requirements.

Of course, the design of is taken into consideration as well. It’s pleasing to the eyes while also being catchy. Not to mention the fact that there are desktop and mobile versions. You can quickly navigate, locate the information you need, and give your thoughts so that other gamblers can learn more about a certain project from your personal experience.

Social Media Connection

The experts at are confident that keen gamblers will appreciate the fact that all this content is available outside of the website as well. As a result, a variety of social media channels are also available. Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social media platforms are examples of how to share information about this subject. Players will be able to receive notifications and learn about the news in a more uniform manner as a result of these additional social media connections.

We win from this solution since it allows us to reach a broader audience. Furthermore, these channels are ideal for social collaboration between our group and readers, allowing players to communicate with both the team and other gamblers. You’ll be able to leave feedback on news and reviews. You can also check out the gameplay of popular slots by viewing their reviews on the YouTube channel.

Who Stands Behind the Project

The project will undoubtedly expand in order to make the Philippines’ gambling environment safer and more accessible. One of the causes for this expansion is the staff that represents our top Filipino gambling guide. It’s,, the company behind a number of other successful iGaming initiatives in multiple countries. 

According to the data from other ScanTeam projects, the concept is well worth the time of both developers and readers. These are the advantages of working together:

  • the team includes professionals who are well-versed in all aspects of gaming entertainment
  • following the project’s entry into the Filipino market, an expert familiar with the region’s regulations and nuances joined the team
  • each review is the result of at least multiple specialists conducting research.
  • the project is managed by specialists that appreciate and seek to develop this form of entertainment.

ScanTeam has had a particularly fruitful year in 2021. As a result, is only another step toward the overall goal of making gambling more recognisable and worthwhile for players’ time. As a result, this is a strong example of how the team’s expertise affects the performance, resulting in a very magnificent project.