As you look for a suitable bitcoin wallet you discover that there are hundreds of them. Which criteria do you pay attention to?

The ease of use. If the user interface is counter-intuitive and cluttered, there is a higher chance to make a mistake and spend a lot more time to perform the routine actions: buy, sell, send, or exchange crypto.

The list of features. Look for the functionality you are going to use on a daily basis first. Any extra features may come in handy later: DeFi tools, NFT support, etc.

Private key access. The keys are tied to a mnemonic seed phrase consisting of 12 or 24 words: as long as you own the seed and keep it concealed from malefactors, the funds are in your sole possession and the wallet can be ported to another device or restored.

Safety. Although it is not something one can measure with conventional means, the safest wallets come with open source code. The community members and independent specialized agencies can review the code and suggest improvements.

Supported chains. A number of significant coins and tokens in existence exceeds 1800. It would be better to have access to as many trading pairs as possible.

Customer support service. Do you come to a quick resolution of your complaints? Is there a place to leave your suggestions or praises? There must be an active channel of communication between a customer and a wallet developer team.

Considering all of the abovementioned criteria, we have picked out one wallet that really shines among all others: Trustee Wallet.

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet, Best in Class Functionality

Different features are valued differently from customer to customer: some look for an impressive selection of supported coins, some are particularly delighted when their NFTs display in their wallet, regardless of the chain of origin. Trustee bitcoin wallet app has more than enough features to appeal to the majority of users; it is definitely the best anonymous bitcoin wallet that facilitates mass adoption. It is not centered on seasoned developers and veteran cryptocurrency enthusiasts; anyone can start using this anonymous bitcoin wallet app minutes after downloading it from the preferred store. Both Android and iOS versions are available.

The emphasis on privacy is important. The app collects zero usage data. Therefore, the provider won’t sell your data to third parties and bombard you with targeted ads. This wallet simply does its job.

Considering the pace of development, you are guaranteed to get more than an anonymous bitcoin wallet when you choose Trustee: rather, a base of operations in the world of crypto. Transfer and trade all mainstream digital assets and custom tokens either for different crypto assets or for fiat money, stake your funds for extra passive income or link with countless decentralized finance services online – it’s up to you.

Buy Bitcoin via a Bank Card with Trustee Wallet

Trustee Wallet’s built-in exchange aggregator deserves extra attention because it saves you quite a bunch of money long term. As soon as you enter the details of a swap operation, Trustee will look through the supported exchanges, compare the crypto prices and exchange commissions and highlight the best deal on the market. As you sell crypto, you get more money on the credit card; as you buy, you pay less.

Trustee has made the acquaintance with the domain of cryptocurrencies so much easier: to buy bitcoin with credit card you don’t have to pass any extra stages of identity verification or provide personal contacts. Buy BTC with credit card, sell it, swap it for another coin, accept BTC payments via QR codes, and spend it on goods. Enjoy financial freedom.

In case with hardware wallets or “hot” online wallets, one cannot buy bitcoin online with such ease anytime, anywhere.

Even if this is going to be the very first digital currency purchase, this full guide on how to buy bitcoin online with a credit card will make it a stroll in the park.

Why You Need to Choose Trustee Wallet – Best Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

As opposed to hardware wallets, Trustee mobile wallet is completely free to use. The only fee you’ll ever pay Trustee is 0.5%, which applies only to purchases of crypto for fiat and vice versa. However, the two-level referral program makes up for the fees and opens up a possibility to build significant and stable passive income.

Share your referral code with a friend to start accumulating cryptocurrency rewards as they make crypto purchases.

There is also cashback that works best for large trading volumes.

On top of that, any crypto that just idly sits in your wallet can generate income as a decentralized finance asset. Cryptocurrency Loans, staking, and liquidity provision are notable ways to make coins work for you.

As we mentioned above, a great wallet app must have all the necessary features plus the additional ones you might need any moment: Trustee is exactly that kind of an app. Isn’t it great to be able, for example, to share your address via QR codes, review transaction details in blockchain explorer, review your NFTs, or receive notifications about bitcoin price fluctuations? The users of other apps would experience difficulties finding a rare feature they need.