If you currently have an official email account, chances are that you’ve come across spam email. Spam is a term used to describe the electronic version of junk mail. And just like what happens in the physical world, most people never like the idea of unsolicited email or advertisement.

Again, spam email is never welcomed in a business environment because it poses all sorts of risks. There’s the risk of being lured to become a victim of identity theft. Furthermore, such emails often carry viruses that can run into the network, thus affecting multiple computers at one go. And in the unfortunate incident that such thing occurred, it would slow business down before the IT department ever figured out what happened.

Thirdly, some spammers send inappropriate content through such emails and this interferes with the smooth flow of business. And fourth (which is the greatest risk of all), spammers can use malicious emails to hog your company’s bandwidth, and this will have the impact of making it difficult to receive all the genuine business emails that keep you in the business in the first place.

McAfee Alternative

Solution to your email security needs

Although there are currently laws that illegalize unsolicited emails, the issue of email security continues to be the elephant in the room. Such emails continue to find their way into multiple inboxes belonging to various companies.

But to help with effective and overall email security management, a company should take an initiative to invest in a solid email spam blocking software.

Of course businesses love using McAfee email security program due to the fact that it has been popularized as the best package to use. However, other effective and affordable solutions such as EveryCloud still exist. EveryCloud program is currently alleged to be the best McAfee alternative out there.

Like every other anti-spam software, this program exams incoming email messages with the intent of eliminating spam or unsolicited emails. Depending on the kind of network security preferences that have been implemented on the system, the program will automatically identify and filter spam or offensive messages from hitting a company’s email inbox.

Best McAfee Alternative: security features that make it impossible to receive spam email

In a fast-paced business setting, there is no room for spam email messages. The good thing is that solutions now exist in the cloud to help companies filter spam, virus and unsolicited newsletters from hitting their inboxes.

With that kind of setup, it means businesses can take total control over all emails they receive (mostly genuine emails with no viruses attached). This way of working has helped many businesses free up hours associated with email account management so they can focus on other important matters.

An email security and backup solution like EverydayCloud is designed to offer 99.9% of protection against all harmful elements of unsolicited emails. In addition to this, all data is kept safe for future retrieval, meaning businesses can only work with relevant email messages whenever they need them.

Convenience of email security solutions today

It is very helpful to occasionally track spam reports on your email account. Most cloud systems have this feature in place. Users can access the quarantine report and choose to deliver the reports at their convenience without ever logging into their control panel.

Also, the ability of being able to block incoming or outgoing emails when they contain certain file type or sizes is something that every organization is interested in out there. The ability to set restrictions on how mails are forwarded to other users within the network is also an added advantage which companies are mostly interested in. With this kind of setup, it’s virtually impossible for spam email to find its way into a company’s email network, plus it frees the IT department the time and effort it would have invested in managing email accounts.

Data is kept safe

Implementing these solutions in the cloud is safe because it guarantees safety of all email messages as soon as they are sent. As a company, you should look for the best McAfee Alternative that guarantees the longest time of email backup, usually 10-30 years.

Even when there’s a storm, electricity outage or any other incident, you shouldn’t lose your email at all. The backup feature must work in a way that emails are queued up and automatically delivered when normalcy is restored.


All this should be built with cross-platform compatibility in mind. Support for multiple devices should be standard. In addition to this, support from the team behind the best McAfee alternative you choose should be quick and helpful.