Is your lightning cable broken or in need of replacement? If you are not sure which cable option is the best for you, consider this review and recommendation. If we could recommend one lightning cable, it would definitely be the 3-foot Anker cable Pakistan. The Anker Powerline Plus Lightning Cable is the premiere cable by way of design, functionality and the price. The cable stands out among its competitors by far.

Lightning Cable Reviews

Sifting through the thousands of reviews for lightning cables can be frustrating. We hope this review will help you understand how you can benefit from the Anker Powerline Plus cable.

The Anker PowerLine cable can charge your iPod, iPhone and iPad at maximum speed! This particular cable is also very sturdy. No more cut cables from cabinets or drawers! No more electrical tape quick fixes! The Anker Powerline Plus is wrapped in Kevlar fiber combined with PVC collars to prevent fray.

The greatest benefit of this cable is the price – it beats Apple’s 3.5-foot cable (1-meter) by half. Half the price! The Anker also includes an 18-month warranty and great customer service.

Our Recommendation: Anker Powerline Plus Lightning

The Anker Powerline Plus cable charges quickly, is durable and is affordable. It can charge every lightning cable-enabled device at full speed! When you look at this cable, you can tell that it is a quality, long-term option for charging your device. The plug is encased in plastic and can flex to prevent tearing. Anker gives this particular cable a 5,000+ bend life. Because the cable is supported by Kevlar fiber, it can handle mobile device owners who are tough on their accessories!

Quality Tested

We tested this product over a long period of time which further emphasized how durable it actually is. While most lightning cables quickly split and fray, this one held up throughout all of our tests. The benefit of the Anker Powerline Plus is that it outlasts the competition. It does not pull a part from the connections and it still works!

Compatible Lightning Cable

How many times have you plugged a cable into your iPhone only to find it is not compatible to charge the phone or with the case you use. Unlike others, Anker is compatible with a wide variety of cables and lightning port devices. The plug takes up minimal space accessing the charging port with ease. It also has a strap to help keep the cable in place while you are on the go.

A Powerful Charge

The Anker Powerline cable has a verified charging speed ensuring that your devices charge, and charge quickly. The cable works with all lightning port devices including the iPod, iPad and iPhone – charging them faster than the competition and to capacity.

Unbeatable Warranty

Very few cable accessory companies offer a warranty. Anker has excellent customer service to support its products. The company promises to replace any product that breaks in an 18-month period.

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