With the evolution of technology, the improvement of different types of tech gadgets has been quite enormous too. So why don’t you just choose a mini projector according to your needs and enjoy a movie in your home along with your friends? These little appliances are quite handy and come along with a number of unique features too. Getting habituated with the present state of the world and finding a solution on our own is the only path to save our sudden wishes. 

And thus, here comes a list of some of the best indoor and outdoor mini projectors:

DR. J Professional Hi-04 1080P 4Inch Mini Projector

With 1080p resolution, this affordable projector offers crisp and clear videos. And with the lights turned off, the picture appears to be more sharp and bright. Even though most of the projectors in this range offer dim visuals, this one is exceptionally amazing. 

This new projector will make you forget those experiences of watching the dull and blurred pictures. With a high picture clarity, the visual quality seems to be more than satisfying. The screen display is of 32-176 inches and besides that, it is HD supported too. It has all the necessary port options including USB, VGA auxiliary port, and HDMI. 


The brighter the lumens the better it feels to watch a movie or series at your garden. And thus with the Lumens at 3300, this portable mini projector offers awesome image quality within an affordable budget. The added benefit of this one is that it comes with a speaker which makes it more useful when compared to the others. Even though it does not flaunt an HD resolution, the contrast ratio seems to be quite impressive if compared to the price which it is charging.


This projector is the ideal one to serve you flawlessly for both in your garden and in your drawing-room. It is a portable projector from Vankyo which offers more beautiful and clear pictures than ever before. With all the buttons set on its top, it is easy to set up according to your needs. It is capable of projecting a large screen provided you need to manage a completely dark room for getting the best experiences.

Even though it is small, it will not really let you feel disappointed for a moment. As with just 2400 Lumens and a contrast ratio of 2000:1, it offers a better experience than a home theatre. If you want, you can connect it with your iPhone, PCs, Laptops too with the HDMI input. On the other part, if you can manage to buy an MHL cable, you can connect it with Android devices too.


With a high brightness level and large images, this portable projector comes with the Lumens of 5800 and has a resolution of 1080p which makes it the perfect one to be set up in your garden for a movie night. If you are having a tight budget, this is going to be the best choice for you.

This is an upgraded model of the best selling projector of GooDee which made it more useful as it offers better images now with a high brightness level. From Chromecast, PC, tablets to Amazon Fire Stick, you can connect it to a range of appliances through the USB, VGA, AV and HDMI ports.

TOPVISION Mini Projector

Irrespective of whether you are hosting a meeting at your home and you need to show a presentation with this projector or if you have invited your friends for a movie night, this smart projector will serve all of your purposes efficiently. It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and with a video quality of 2400lux brightness, this LED projector displays the crispest and exceptional pictures. 

This innovative projector has a strong exterior made of aluminum which helps it to cool down easily after working a long period of time. The tempered glass lens of the projector has upgraded thermal stability which allows it to function for long continuous hours.

Within this pandemic, it has become nearly impossible to get out and catch up with your friends. All of us are craving badly to watch a movie with a basket full of popcorn in our hands. 

But no matter how much we want to step out of the house and go out to watch a movie or theatre, it seems to be a far fetched dream considering the present scenario. That is why getting advanced tech gadgets in your place like the above mentioned mini projectors are going to be a major savior for all of us at this moment.