Why do you need to buy an action camera?

Sturdy and feature-oriented, an action camera is a must-have possession for adrenaline junky who loves to live his life on the edge! While countless smartphones offer 4k video quality, the action camera has its select fanbase who prefer it for the greatest ever image stabilization that the brilliant piece of machine offers. And rightly so! 

The top-notch image stabilization or IS means that whether you are underwater or above a high mountain, your loved ones and fans can still see the world from your viewpoint without any loss in pixels! The dynamic accessories that come with an action cam mean you can take it anywhere and everywhere – on a helmet, or a handlebar, and of course underwater! But not every cam has specific features to suit an individual’s requirements, especially for people involved in extreme sports. So, there are a few things that you need to consider when you are looking to enter the fantastical world of action machines!

What to consider when you buy an action cam?

  • Image and video quality needs to be impeccable or else a smartphone can also shoot the 4k video range. The idea is to look for frame rates. It must be above 30fps for a 4k video or 60fps for a 1080p High Definition or HD setting. The wide-angle setting results in these cameras result in some great captures that are impossible in any other device. 
  • Is it HD or ultra HD? Ultra HD is 4k, and full HD is 1080p. Though HD picture quality is good enough, it is crucial to check for video quality that comes with an HD cam and probably compare the same with a 4k or ultra HD capture. You’ll know the difference and make a worthy choice. 
  • These brilliant machines come with a range of mounts and accessories, for example, pet collars, bicycles, chest belts, telescoping poles, underwater accessories and so on. Check and choose according to your specific requirements. Make sure that the quality of accessories must match the quality of cam for the best results. 
  • The cams come with plenty of new features like voice control, waterproofing, activity sensors, GPS, and much more! Depending upon the kind of extreme sport you need it for and budgetary considerations, you can get this wonderful equipment for your next hike, swim, jump, or anything else that you may have in your mind.  
  • A lot of water sports enthusiasts love to purchase these cameras. But there is a definite underwater range with each machine, for example, 30m or 50m. So, choose accordingly or else it is just a waste of money. 

  • Size, shape and weight are important considerations. Check with the brands and learn which one is more suited for which activity. 
  • Due to Ultra HD or HD quality, appropriate storage capacity is crucial. In models with lesser space, you can always get a few micro SD cards. In models with WiFi or Bluetooth functionality, you can effortlessly transfer the files in no time. 
  • Wide-angle (FOV) photography is a basic feature that the fans love about these cameras. Taking a wide-angle 4k video of a mountain range or a river is an idea that anyone can fall in love with!  

The idea behind getting an action machine is to capture stunning moments for yourself and your loved ones! There is a range of possibilities here. But a genuine buyer will look for a model that best suits his/her specific needs, for instance, shock proofing, waterproofing, slow-motion capture, and so on. If you have made up your mind to enter the action territory this year, check out three top-notch cameras which are selling hot in the market. 

Three top action cameras that you can not ignore anymore!

GoPro Hero 9 Black:

GoPro is the dominant name when it comes to the whole genre of action cameras. GoPro’s flagship latest entrant, GoPro Hero 9 Black, is the obvious top contender. The recently launched model comes with an integrated front-facing screen for vlogging, 5k (you read it correctly) video capability at 30fps, and considerable battery life. The cam is a beautiful piece of machine that is worth the wait! The sharpness and detail of the 5k model are simply stunning and give you impossible captures with ease. 

GoPro Hero 8 Black:

The 2019 flagship is still selling hot, thanks to its dynamic features! The camera became extremely popular for its 4k video quality, top-quality image stabilization, and almost perfect digital stabilization. Foolproof waterproofing and east to mount features make it a great choice for action freaks!  

DJI Osmo Action:

Stepping aside from GoPro, Osmo Action is another worthy contender in the list! The pocket-friendly cam comes with a front display, full-colour LCD, interesting custom mode, dedicated in-camera slow-motion mode, and superb 4k video quality. The features make it a favourite for people who want to try something different from GoPro, and rightly so! A beginner level consumer can always try to explore a lower range product so that he/she gets the hang of an action machine. 

Individuals who love motion photography or action photography and videography find these compact cameras much more reliable and easy-to-carry than the traditional point and shoot cameras or the gigantic DSLRs. The action cam fans love their machines for sheer size and functionality! A newbie into this exciting and one-of-its-kind field need not invest in the costliest one in the beginning. It takes time and research to master features and settings of this camera and completely understand its utility. It is best to try with a cheaper version, get a hang of the product, and then venture into the limitless potential of action photography. Whether you are a professional who wants to add a fanbase or an amateur who just wants to explore action cameras, you are sure to have lots of fun once you master its functions! For, life is too short to not to take the risks that life’s adventures offer! Capturing those exciting and mesmerizing experiences in a brilliant piece of machine just allows you to keep the memories forever.