Cryptocurrencies have exploded in both worth and popularity in recent years and now have various applications. Although they’re still mainly a form of payment, with each type of cryptocurrency having a real-life value, they can also be used within gaming.

In fact, because of their decentralized nature, gaming is a very popular way to spend and use cryptocurrencies, and many interesting and unique games have been created to take advantage of the technology. Here’s a look at some of the best games and activities you can play with crypto.

Casino Gaming

I-gaming, which is the name for the digital casino gaming sector, is one of the first major industries to embrace cryptocurrencies. As a result, countless sites and games allow you to use multiple forms of cryptocurrencies to make bets and play classic games.

You can play slots, poker, blackjack, and all the other popular types of casino games, making your wagers in cryptocurrencies. Plus, if you are successful with your casino gaming, you can withdraw your earnings as crypto as well. When engaging with crypto casino gaming, make sure you do so sensibly, and only bet as much as you can afford to lose. If you want to gamble with crypto click here to place your bets in the best bitcoin online casino

Digital Horse Racing

Similar to casino gaming, it’s possible to use crypto technology to engage in digital, simulated horse racing. This new type of pastime allows you to enjoy the excitement of regular horse racing, and the accessibility of crypto lets you get a bit closer to the action.

As well as being able to make bets with your cryptocurrencies, you can also use currencies like bitcoin to buy and own digital horses. These horses operate similarly to NFTs, meaning that each digital horse is unique and has its own stats and potential. As an owner of a digital horse, you’ll be able to dictate what events it races in and reap the rewards if it places well in its digital events.

It’s also possible to sell these NFT horses once their value has increased, making them an interesting and unique investment opportunity perfect for horse racing fans who have always dreamed of owning their own stallion.


With most games having their own form of in-game currency, it’s obvious where the connection between e-gaming and crypto comes from.

Using crypto within gaming gives you the chance to purchase exclusive items for each game that you want to play, which can give you the edge in some titles. You can also use crypto to bet on e-gaming action, helping you get more invested in the digital action.


Cryptocurrencies are becoming a much more mainstream product, and as their use cases grow and improve, more people will be attracted to using online currencies.

These games and activities mentioned in this article represent a small sample size of the things you can use crypto for within the entertainment sector. They can also be used for banking, buying goods, and more, showing just how versatile this once niche product is.