Video slots are currently the most preferred form of entertainment found in digital casinos. The reasons are many – they are easy to play, highly rewarding, provide endless entertainment, and there are a lot of titles to choose from.

Nevertheless, every experienced player will tell you that choosing the right title is not an easy task. Look at it this way: with a plentitude of games to pick from, no matter the experience you possess, you will have to test each game before you decide to play for real. And here is how free play comes into the picture. 

One of the best ways to check the game and decide whether it’s the right choice for you is to play it. Numerous factors are to be examined, and slot reviews often do not do justice to the impressive works found in gaming halls. Hence, players quickly realized that free play slots are the best option right now. 

Unfortunately, free play slots are soon to be eradicated from the global market, so if you haven’t played them before, now is your chance to take them for a spin. Feel the thrill and taste the allure they possess, and who knows, maybe you will uncover the mystery of their astonishing popularity before they disappear. 

However, even with the myriad of free titles at your disposal, you still need to navigate through the deep ocean of casino titles. That is why we did the heavy lifting and compiled a list of best free play slots that you must try out – if you haven’t already. 

Book of Dead

Exotic excavations beneath the mysteries of Egypt? Yes, please! 

Book of Dead boasts an engaging storyline and some of the most amazing visuals seen in the industry. We follow Rich Wilde deep down beneath the ruins in Egypt in search of some tombs to raid. It is as if LaraCroft meets ancient Egypt where the only difference is that he’s a man. Play’n GO is the company responsible for creating this piece of art.


This video slot with 5 reels and 3 rows is one of the most famous slots in the history of slot games. 

It comes from the prolific NetEnt, who happens to be the author of some of the most popular games in the iGaming industry as well. The reason why people love this game so much is that it provides enormous amounts of entertainment while being quite easy to play. Multiple invigorating features are added to boost players’ experience, so the time you spend playing Starburst will be time well spent.

Game of Thrones

This legendary TV show broke all records in terms of popularity. It was so popular that a casino rendition was instantly made in the mode of a video slot. 

The company responsible for bringing GoT to our screens once again is Microgaming, otherwise known as the Pioneer of iGaming industry. The captivating experience starts from the moment you enter the game and lasts through every single second of your playtime. 

The creation is a force to be reckoned with, so it is no wonder it is regularly included on the lists of both top online slots for money and best slots that you can play for fun.


One of the most famous figures in recorded history, Cleopatra is also the protagonist of this video slot. 

Her mystic charm and the plethora of mysteries that are still hidden in the Egyptian ruins served as inspiration for numerous providers in the online casino industry, but IGT managed to stand out from the crowd with its release that sports a highly recognizable title. The game is as fabulous as the eponymous queen was, with multiple captivating features that light up the 5 reels like fireworks.

Immortal Romance

Another legendary title that arrives straight from the creative visionaries at Microgaming. Immortal Romance is perhaps the most celebrated vampire-themed slot that came from this provider due to its immense power residing in the additional features. 

Although you won’t break the Guinness World Record for largest payout like a player did with another Microgaming’s slot named Mega Moolah, you will still have plenty of opportunities to have supernatural fun.