Email marketing is dead, long live email marketing! With a spectacular resurgence on the last few years, email marketing has become one of the most trusted ways of reaching customers and engaged users. What once was an annoying mail that was almost immediately moved to the trash, is now one of the best ways to keep in touch with the latest news, best discounts and everything that really matters. 

There are 3.9 billion email users in the world, and it is expected to grow to 4.48 billion users by 2024. with more than half the world using email it’s easy to understand why it’s one of the most effective tools in digital marketing (did you know that for every dollar spent, email marketing generates $32 in return of investment?). These are the best tools you should consider using in an email marketing campaign. 

Mobile Matters

Almost 60% of email opens are on mobile, and 75% of Gmail users access their mail through mobile, but almost half of consumers delete emails when it isn’t optimized for mobile. Even if desktops are the easiest to navigate, mobile must be the anchor of your content. 


Customers want content that resonates with them, if they open an email that has nothing to do with their lifestyle or interests (let’s say if they like fishing but you send them just content about jogging) they will surely delete it. Personalized and customized content is what will help you get those open. 

Email Marketing Platform

You must know when to send your emails, what to say in them and how to reach your audience. An email marketing platform will change your online game, because it will let you control almost every aspect of your campaign in one place. Shopify is a great way to do that, it’s different services can give you the data you need, the insights you can use to improve your content and even the time to do that. 


Automation lets you send emails to remind your customers of that article they almost buy, that they’re shopping cart is full and waiting for them and a lot of other features, but the best thing about automation is that it delivers the perfect message to the right user.

Artificial Intelligence 

If you improve your email marketing campaigns with artificial intelligence, you can forget about spending the day looking for the right way to reach a specific part of your audience, the AI will segment your demographic in a way that each person will get a personalized email with their own call to action messages and even customized content. 

Email Signature

The use of email signatures as a passive marketing technique is one of the most interesting ways to get a steady stream of new customers and choosing one that includes social media icons, animated banners, and designed buttons, may help getting better results. This kind of tool, makes it easy for your readers to see and consider your business offer. However, in order to gain maximum exposure you may want to consider using a company email signature manager that will let you effectively control your messaging and CTAs in all your outgoing email.


One of the new trends when subscribing to a newsletter or another email marketing campaign is the use of chatbots that can ask questions that will get the user a more relevant and unique experience. The chatbot can ask them what kind of content they want, how often they want to receive it and even what is it that they don’t want to see. 

If you really want to reach the correct audience and close those sales, email marketing is essential. It might not seem like a big service compared to the popularity of social media, but without a doubt it will improve your business in ways you can’t imagine.