If you’re a Mac user, but you’re not content with using your current email management software, we have an app you absolutely must try: Spike, the world’s first conversational email app designed to help teams communicate, collaborate, and create together more efficiently.

Keep reading to find out about all the reasons we love Spike as an alternative email app for Mac.

If You’re Looking for a New Way To Manage Your Email on macOS, Look No Further Than Spike!

Spike Conversational Email Revolutionizes the Way You Interact with Your Inbox

Spike is, overall, the best email management software for Mac computers. The app brings an innovative new view to your email inbox by combining email and chat.

When you sync an email account with Spike, you begin to receive emails as chat bubbles, so you only see the most relevant information — say goodbye to those annoying repeating subject lines, headers, paragraphs, and signatures that plague traditional emails.

By eliminating all that clutter and noise, you’re encouraging quicker, more concise, and more natural responses. You could say that Spike removes the stiff formalities from emailing, so you’re left with what matters most.

If you do ever want to see a more traditional thread view, you can simply click on any of your Spike email chat messages to expand them, without having to open up your actual email inbox from another app or screen.

We also love Spike’s priority inbox feature, which very effectively files low-priority emails away for you to deal with later, so you aren’t distracted by things like newsletters and promotional emails throughout the day.

Spike Improves Communication, Collaboration, and Productivity

Besides streamlining your email communications, Spike also allows you to connect with your team via other built-in communication channels, including voice messages, video meetings, group chats, and collaborative notes with integrated sidebar chats.

Being able to communicate in so many different ways from a single platform means you don’t need to waste time jumping from app to app and screen to screen to talk to your team members in different ways. 

For example, you might receive an email about a certain task or project and decide that it would be much quicker to just create a group chat. That way, you can efficiently communicate the relevant information to everyone who needs it and get them all involved in the conversation.

Good communication is vital to collaboration, and Spike has other built-in tools to help you collaborate with your team even more efficiently. 

You can create tasks and to-do lists from within the app, assign them to the responsible individuals, and keep everyone up to date on task progress. This helps hold everyone accountable and ensures that no important deadlines get missed.

Ultimately, all of Spike’s communication and collaboration features boost productivity and help you and your team get more done, in less time. 

Spike Makes It Easy To Organize and Find Messages

Wasting time trying to find information in old emails or messages eats away at your productivity

Spike solves this with its built-in advanced search functionality, which lets you search for anything in your past emails without ever scrolling through a single thread.

You can use the Super Search tool to look for exactly what you need by keyword, sender, or subject, and layer together filters to get as specific as you need to.

You can even search for certain attachments and preview files without ever opening them, so you can ensure you’re clicking on the right attachment for what you need. 

This can be incredibly useful if you’re looking for something from months ago that you need to refer to or forward to someone else.

Finally, if you’re not looking for a single thing, but rather everything from a certain sender or about a certain subject, you can change your view settings to see only messages that meet those criteria.

Spike Doesn’t Spy on You

Did you know that many email management software programs spy on you by aggregating things like eCommerce transaction details, which they then sell to other parties? Well, it’s true.

If you’re someone who values your privacy and security, it’s important to find a third-party email management app that doesn’t spy on you. 

Spike never rents, sells, distributes, or monetizes your email data in any way, and it’s completely ad-free software.

The Spike app stores the minimum amount of data required to operate, and all your message data is encrypted. Spike has also passed an independent security audit, so you can rest assured your messages and data are safe and private.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with your email inbox shouldn’t feel like a chore. Email is a powerful tool for communicating and getting things done, but it often becomes a hassle that wastes time and drains your productivity meter.

Switching to an alternative email management app, such as Spike, completely changes your relationship with email and unifies all the tools you need to get things accomplished in one place.

When you and your team all hop on board with Spike, you’re bound to notice increased collaboration and productivity right away!