The best class to boost for Shadowlands is the one you like to play! Any class can be boosted with professional boosting services. Yet, some classes can be boosted quicker because of the specific gameplay mechanics that affect the process.

WoW is evolving, adding new content, and making changes to the game balance. This makes some classes simpler and others more complex. When creating a new character, the player is faced with the question of the main choice. The choice of class will affect your entire gaming experience in the future. It is important to know what you want to do in the game before choosing a class. It is important to understand that leveling and boosting of some game classes can be much faster than others. Let’s try to figure out what choice players should make so that the boost takes as little time and financial costs as possible.

Boosting characters

There are a lot of WoW Boosting shops that can help you with leveling, raids, mythic+ dungeons, mounts farming and achieving PvP ranks. Either you choose DPS or Heal class, they can boost any of them! Consider such services if you are a busy person that doesn’t devote 10-12 hours to World of Warcraft but still want to play the game.

DPS Classes

The DPS class deals the main damage to the enemy. It is easier to master this class type. DPS classes are the most popular choice. No group will be able to complete a dungeon or raid if there is no character DPS in its composition.

Throughout the history of the game, the meta has changed, but for most of the time, the hunter remained the best DPS class. In Shadowlands 9.1, he deals consistent damage against a single target and multiple opponents. The Hunter has convenient leveling, which takes less time compared to other classes. It does not take the first position in damage, but it is easier to master. Because of it, hunter’s rating positions are stable.

More effective, but more difficult to master is the Rogue. In patch 9.1, the Rogue occupies the top positions in terms of damage. He has a set of special skills that can deal tremendous damage to single targets. This is very convenient for passing raids and fighting rare mobs. Rogue is not good for beginners and takes a long time to master. In the hands of a professional player, boosting a rogue character is one of the simplest and effective options.

Heal classes

Loved by many, healers are welcome on any team. A professional healer is a guarantee of the successful completion of any challenge. This category of classes is, according to players, very difficult to master. You need to be on constant alert, control the battlefield, monitor the HP of your teammates, and use the necessary skills at necessary times. You are responsible for the survival of your team. You made a mistake – everyone will pay for it.

Holy Paladin is the most popular healer in 9.1 Shadowlands. He skillfully combines protective and healing skills and can even deal lots of damage if necessary. With the right choice of the covenant during Holy Paladin leveling, he will deal huge damage compared to other healers. Thanks to this, it is convenient to complete solo PvE content for a Holy Paladin, and leveling will not be as time-consuming and labor-intensive as in the case of other classes. Holy Paladin is great for boosting, and the top gear of this character is considered one of the best in the game.

Discipline Priest is also a great choice for boosting. As with the Holy Paladin, this character has an excellent combination of offensive and healing skills. Discipline Priest is great in mythic dungeons and raids. A good DP is a welcome guest in many of the top guilds. You will be able to both inflict great damage and heal your team. Thanks to this, leveling of this class is short and easy, and boosting does not take much time.

Tank classes

A special category of classes for those who like to protect their team without the need for micro-management of skills and constant monitoring of other player’s HP. Tanks lead the squad into action, take damage from the enemy, and control mobs. A skillful tank will save the team in any situation and will not let any player die.

In Shadowlands 9.1, the Guardian Druid is at the top rating positions. This class is the best choice for tank players. He has effective defensive skills that save these characters in all situations. At the same time, Guardian Druid can inflict great damage, supporting DPS characters. Guardian Druid is effective in solo PvE content, quickly reaches the required level, and does not require a lot of time to learn. This class is great for boosting due to its simplicity and efficiency at the same time.

The next most popular tank is the Vengeance Demon Hunter. They have been some of the best tanks in the game since their first appearance in the Legion. In patch 9.1, they did not undergo significant changes and retained their reputation as strong and effective tanks. Vengeance Demon Hunters are a mobile class that suits players with good reflexes. In leveling, he is as simple as Guardian Druid.


The variety of classes in WoW is overwhelming. You have to make the right choice to get the maximum from the game. Despite the listed classes, every character in the game can be quickly and effectively boosted. There is no such thing as a “not suitable for boosting class” for Kingboost and we are ready to help you with every character possible.