In the hot summer months, hardly anyone has the thought of curling up in a heavy, thick chunky throw blanket. However, many people love to use a blanket in the summer and know how hard it is to find a light, airy yet cozy one. Our guide will help you find a throw that will keep you comfortable, but also cool even on the hottest days.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Summer Throw

Choosing the right summer blanket requires considering not only personal preference but also several factors to keep in mind when making a decision. No matter you’d like a freshening throw or want a summer-friendly chunky knit blanket, you should focus your efforts on finding:

  • Hygroscopic materials that dry quickly. These can be covers made from synthetic fibers (microfiber and polyester), regenerated viscose, or blended cotton threads.
  • Loose weaves without any extra bulk, for example, knitted blankets from “Linens & Hutch” with openwork or large weave pattern.
  • Throws that help maintain optimal temperature during sleep with the help of modern cooling technology for the ultimate comfort of hot sleepers.
  • Blankets, that are easy to care for. Keep in mind that a summer cover tends to get dirty much more, so give preference to positions that do not require expensive maintenance.

The Most Popular Fibers for Summer Throws

The classic version of the summer light coverings has always been considered linen and cotton blankets. They provide good air circulation and cooler sleep and are super wicking to avoid feeling sticky on hot summer nights.

However, most of today’s lightweight, airy throws are made from Tencel or modal, viscose fibers with high water wicking properties, or synthetic microfibers with high temperature-regulating features.

What is the Optimal Quantity of Summer Throw Blankets?

Of course, the number of blankets that you buy for the summer period depends on the budget that you can allocate for their purchase. If you are not ready to spend a lot of money and do not have the necessary storage space, then the ideal option for the summer would be to purchase a versatile thick cotton blanket.

For those who are used to having covers for all occasions, we recommend purchasing:

  1. Loose chunky knit blanket from breathable fabric to warm you gently and soft.
  2. Lightweight woolen throw to keep you warm in case of a sudden cold snap.
  3. Fleece throw to cozy you up on chilly outdoor evenings.