For every business in the 21st century, the internet has become what oxygen is to human body. There is hardly a business around us which can function without this necessary technology. Even the most trivial of routine daily tasks now require the use of this basic technology.

Having said this, the question that arises for most business concerns is as to which internet service provider should a business opt for? Which service out there is the one that truly delivers promised features? Well, we are here to discuss exactly that.

We have compiled a list of some of the best internet service providers that are genuinely there to be employed for business purposes. So, let us get right down to it.


First up on our list is Spectrum internet service. Spectrum is one of the best internet service providers in the U.S. But what does it make so special and why would one opt for it? Well, with Spectrum internet you can get the most reasonable and reliable service as promised. With speeds tailored to fit the needs of businesses in varying niches, Spectrum business solutions make for a serious contender not to be ignored.  

Spectrum provides high bandwidth and low latency internet at fiber fast speeds with enterprise grade SLAs as promoted. Not only that, Spectrum business services tend to scale as a business grows, ensuring provision of exceptional experiences – whether it is about you holding conference calls without having to worry about the call dropping or voice distortion on Spectrum VoIP or connecting 40+ devices, which are home to your Big Data, to Spectrum internet without having to stress about cyber security.

With Spectrum, you have an option to pick either a cable or fiber based service; Spectrum business bundles offer a variety of packages that combine internet with other services such as Voice and TV thus bringing businesses more value for less.  There truly is no other internet provider in the country that can beat Spectrum. 


Talking about internet service providers for businesses, we can hardly turn a blind eye to the contributions made to the market by Frontier. One of the leading internet service providers available throughout the country, Frontier promises highly reliable connectivity with mighty fast speeds thereby ensuring it delivers the goods as promised.

With Frontier, you get an end to end fiber-based connection which ensures 24/7 connectivity so that you may conduct your business without having to worry about the connection going down. Concurrently, Frontier also provides 24/7 customer support to its clients – which stands as another testimony to Frontier’s commitment to its business customers. After all if customer care is lousy, why would a business invest in a relationship with the service provider? With Frontier FiOS speeds that are symmetrical you get the option to choose from plans essentially designed to fit your business requirements, while also furnishing Business Wi-Fi that allows networks for guests and employees. 


Next up on our list is CenturyLink® – undoubtedly one of the champions among business internet service providers throughout the States. With CenturyLink®, businesses get to choose from simple internet plans at a flat monthly rate without term commitments, and access speeds up to 1 Gbps. CenturyLink’s Core Connect® Enterprise offers speeds starting as low as 1.5 Mbps up to 40 Mbps while Fiber+ ensures provision of symmetrical speeds between 50-1000 Mbps. The provision of each service is backed by an enterprise level SLA. With such speeds and reliability, you can certainly conduct your business activities with great ease. In addition, your business can also avail itself of bundled services that include a Business phone line or even a Business TV connection not to forget access to cloud applications that help backup critical data, devise a social media program, work remotely and conduct seamless file sharing across the business-board. 

With all the various features that constitute CenturyLink’s comprehensive services, you can maximize your productivity levels & cybersecurity while also getting benefitted from available website management tools. 


Cox is no stranger when it comes to providing excellent internet services to businesses. Accompanied by excellent customer care Cox provides professionally tailored business solutions to various industries such as healthcare, hospitality, education etc. while also catering to the special needs of small businesses and the rather peculiar requirements of local and federal governments. The salient features of Cox Business internet includes not only high-speeds but much more – 99% reliability of the connection, an opportunity to experience the latest Wi-Fi technology, protection with the Security Suite, access to thousands of hotspots around the country that allow you to work from anywhere, as well as a Static IP Address – services that cannot be easily left out of consideration. Almost every business transaction is critical, and the static IP address that comes with Cox Business solutions takes away one reason to worry about from you while the Security Suite keeps threats and other cyber risks at bay.  

In a nut shell, Cox Business is not all about Gigabit speeds only – rather the fact a wide range of speeds is offered with perks carefully crafted to benefit enterprises belonging to varied niches.


Last but definitely not least, AT&T is one of the most popular internet service providers throughout the United States. Services provided by the telecom giant are encompassing enough to cater to the needs of most businesses around the country. Not only does AT&T boast an array of business products that include wireless mobility, internet & networking, Cloud services, Voice and satellite TV services, cybersecurity etc. but industry specific solutions designed to enhance customer experience and keeping businesses ahead of the competition – quite like no other in the market. 

AT&T delivers speeds of up to 1 Gbps while guarding your business information against threats of varied nature through a wide variety of security features inclusive of SpamGuard, AddressGuard etc.

With round the clock tech support, you never have to worry about poor service or being disconnected for too long. AT&T covers a number of major states providing technological solutions to businesses and place on offer not only standalone telecom services for enterprises but also packaged ones in the form of Double and Triple plays.


We have only scratched the surface at discussing some of the topmost business internet providers in the United States. There are many more where all these originated from. We do know you cannot acquire all the benefits of any one service. Rather, in most cases, you have to give up on some features to gain advantage from some others.

However, information shared here is more than enough to get you started in the right direction. Every business can benefit from the list of service providers mentioned above and the brief overview too. So, do not wait up. Go and get your perfect service provider once you have contemplated the most befitting option for you.