If you haven’t searched for a new apartment in a while, you may be unaware of just how much technology has changed the game. Gone are the days of digging through ads and editorials, or even repeatedly refreshing Craigslist, waiting for the right apartment to show up.

Apps have made the apartment search much easier, from alerting you when an apartment that fits your preference is on the market, to giving you a 3D tour. Let’s explore the best apps you can use to find your dream apartment.

1. Zillow Rentals

This amazing app provides access to over 400,000 rentals across the country. You have a great chance of finding what you need with Zillow because it has personalized search features, including the ability to look for luxury apartments. You can filter your selections by pet policy, number of rooms, parking preferences, in-unit laundry and more. You can also save your preferences so that you’re not digging through options every time you use the app.

2. Trulia Rentals

Trulia is another one of the most popular and trusted apartment search apps out there. They’ve been around since 2005, and their unique draw is that you can learn about the neighborhood as well as the apartment. For instance, Trulia tells you about traffic, crime rates, school districts, and more. Plus, it provides 1-click access to the landlord’s contact information, streamlining your search.

3. Hot Pads

This apple and android app is incredibly popular in big cities, though it can be useful no matter where you live. It features a walkability score so that you can get a feel for the surrounding area before coming for a visit. You can also view the popular or “hot” rentals on the app to get a feel for what other renters are looking at.

4. Zumper

Zumper provides you direct access to over 1 million listings. Its claim to fame is its partnership with Experian which gives you the option to complete and submit a rental application directly to the landlord via their secure system.

5. Apartments.com

Apartments.com provides a couple of unique features that make it worth downloading, even if you’re using other apps in tandem. For starters, this app is real-time, meaning it filters out apartments that are already taken so you’re not digging through occupied apartments and wasting your time. It also has a 3D tour function so that you can view the property without leaving your couch, saving time and money.

6. Rent.com

This app also provides 3D tours, but its most useful feature is a money-saving function called Moving Center. Moving Center provides a free moving quote based on your current location and the city that you’re moving to. This budget friendly function can be incredibly useful as you gear up for the big move.