As people are becoming more accustomed to online casinos, many regulations are also being introduced. With that, playing these games and getting bonuses can become more challenging. 

Moreover, you may want to access online casinos that are still unavailable in your residential area. Whatever the reason may be, using a virtual private network or VPN can be the solution. Or is it?

Using VPN at casinos online can hide your browsing information and the IP address from the service providers. If you are concerned about the security of your personal data, then your own encrypted private network can protect you. 

Many frown upon this practice, and using VPN at online casinos can even get you banned. 

If you want to know more about the do’s and don’ts of using a casino VPN, dig in!

Why Online Casinos Limit Specific Geographics from Playing

Using VPN at casinos online lets you tweak your way into geographic restrictions. You may wonder why the online casinos put geographic limits in the first place!

Well, geolocation is a critical factor in the online gambling industry. Each country has its own jurisdictions and a separate set of laws. Moreover, a lot of places may prohibit the act of gambling itself. 

That’s why online gambling websites try to function without getting in trouble with any state, country, or law. So, they need to know your actual location before you can even make a deposit. Or they could land in trouble.

As a result, a person living in the United States may be unable to access an online casino in the U.K, New Zealand, or Spain. 

Can You Use VPN at Casinos?

No, you cannot use VPN at casinos. Here’s how it works.

  1. VPNs encrypt your data so that it stays protected from your internet service providers.
  2. It prevents any website you visit, including the online casinos, from gathering your data.

The virtual network’s server is displayed instead of your own IP address when you use a VPN. In addition to this, you can even use VPN at online casinos to receive special bonuses. 

That doesn’t mean using VPN at casinos is totally acceptable! In fact, most of the time, this practice is discouraged. What’s worse is if you get caught, your account could be suspended. Therefore, you should be very careful about using VPN at online casinos.

Why Do Casinos Ban VPN Use?

Legal Problems

When you are running a casino business, you would want to avoid legal obligations. Online casinos don’t want to break any law, usually because of their licensing agreements.

Also, if they are found to accept illegal payouts from users, it could mean trouble for them!

Since VPNs hide the user’s real identity and location, online casinos don’t like them. 

Restricted Players Can Bypass

Often, casinos ban VPN because it allows you to get around their terms and conditions. This can make following the jurisdiction standards even more challenging.

Moreover, gambling is illegal in certain parts of the world, and these casinos tend to avoid those. This can happen even if the casinos have proper licenses. 

VPNs let you bypass the restrictions, confusing the server. So, online casinos are justified in disliking the use of a virtual private network to access their site. 

Abusing the Bonuses

Other than legal problems, online gambling websites also do not like you to misuse the bonuses. Often, the bonus is just a one-time offer that you receive during sign-ups. The software used on these apps can detect if you try to get the bonuses a 2nd time. 

You can tweak the casino bonuses with VPN many times, receiving tons of dollars. All you need to do is just keep creating multiple accounts. This can make the casinos lose money fast!

Therefore, you can pretty much understand why gambling sites don’t prefer using VPNs. If you still want to use one, then go to the condition page of the sites first to understand their standpoint on this. You may find some VPN casinos that will allow this. 

Looking for VPN Casinos 

Few offshore mobile VPN casinos are not strict about players using the VPN services. In fact, they willingly allow you to play on private networks. They can do this because their licensing is often in countries other than the ones they serve. 

The question is, are they worth it?

If you are using the VPN as a security protocol for protecting your personal data and live in a jurisdiction where VPN is legal, you can continue to use it. But it is best to refrain from using the VPN to access geographically locked content, especially online casinos. 

They have these geographical restrictions often because of legal obligations. Hence, breaching the protocols can cost more than just being banned from the website.

How to Grab Different Casino Bonuses with the Usage of VPN

Getting the casino bonuses with VPN is quite easy, provided there is no restriction on using VPN by the casino. You will simply have to register, and as per the terms of the bonus, it will be credited.

However, in cases where there is a restriction regarding VPN usage, you may be banned from entering the casino website again and will not receive the bonus either.

Paying with Different Currencies Using VPN

When you try to play with different currencies using a VPN, it all comes down to whether you are allowed to access the service. If there are restrictions regarding using VPN, you may have trouble with withdrawing the winnings later.

On the other hand, in casinos where VPN and flexible payment options are allowed, you can use a different currency as required. However, to enable this, the casino must allow payments to gateways where currency conversion is possible.

Key Takeaways

If you are concerned about protecting your online data safety or want to get past the geographical restrictions, VPN is the answer. It lets you confuse the internet servers about your actual location so that you can access even the geographically restricted online casinos.

However, it is helpful to read the guidelines properly since using VPN at casinos is prohibited most of the time. You can always find some VPN casinos to play online instead. They will gladly welcome the use of such practices without you having to risk being banned.