The preferred and most effective way of getting the point across to an audience is through visual media. No matter its nature, every business can benefit from delivering information via video, and the healthcare sector is no exception. Here are the benefits of using video in Healthcare.

Advertising and Marketing

All healthcare businesses, such as hospitals, dentists, psychologists, medical practices, and medical product suppliers, need to advertise to attract customers.

The health care industry in the US is booming, especially in Florida. The increase is because people live longer – the baby boomers are now seniors, and chronic health conditions are prevalent. Making videos showing how your business runs can be vital to make it stand out among the competition. The video you create needs to be professional, informative, and high quality. There are several prestigious companies specializing in video production in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

A well-produced video will show prospective customers how clean your medical facility is, how polite and well trained your staff is, and how you have the latest technological equipment. It can engage the patients’ attention, gain their trust, and enhance your business’s reputation and credibility.  Such videos can be posted on the hospital website or uploaded on YouTube channels, or marketed as video ads. 


An ideal way of using video in the health industry is to create training and teaching videos for patients and medical students. 

The workload of staff can be reduced by showing patients videos of common medical questions and issues. A video can be created and delivered to patients online rather than a nurse or doctor explaining procedures over a phone or email.  For example, a video of how to give yourself your insulin injection or administer an epi-pen can train patients and probably makes it more straightforward, seeing it compared to hearing it.  Complex procedures a patient might be facing can be explained in simple terms and acted out on video.

Using videos of operations or suchlike are ideal for training medical students. It frees up teaching staff and can be reached by students over a widespread area and at a time convenient to them.

Provide Information

Informative videos can be shown in waiting areas when your patients/customers are fair game and will do anything to reduce the monotony of the waiting room. Showing videos informing them about your business aims and values, your opening hours, your staff, or how to keep fit and healthy ensures your clients go home wiser and better prepared for future visits.

Meet the Doctor

Visual first impressions influence a person’s emotions more than anything. We make immediate decisions about a person based on our first sighting of them.  Nobody particularly likes going to a doctor – it can be a nerve-wracking experience.  If a patient can watch a video explaining the procedure they are booked in for, who the doctor will be, and where it will be done, it might help them be more relaxed and not worried about attending the appointment. 

Seeing a video of a doctor confidently and skilfully performing a procedure can make a patient more comfortable because they experience a sense of familiarity. A video showing that your staff are caring, friendly human beings, takes away any apprehension a patient may have. Video is a great way to show off your facilities and equipment. Patient confidence increases when they see that you have all the latest technologically advanced tools to do the best possible job. 

New Products

If you are a company that makes health care equipment and supplies, video is the ideal way to sell your products. Producing informative and precise videos of how your products work and sending them via email to buyers, posting them on your website or social media platforms will grow your client base. For the first time in history, people surf the web more than they watch television, so it is vital that you add your health care organization to the world wide web. 


Testimonials are stories or anecdotes told by previous patients. Seeing ‘normal’ people praising your company in a video attracts customers. Video testimonials create a more profound, more emotional appeal for your company, and potential clients will consider this as a reason to invest their trust in you and your healthcare institution

Post customer testimonials on your website, social media platforms, or a screen in your waiting room.  Watching a video of a person praising your building’s cleanliness or the skills of your surgeon will help and an anxious waiting patient to relax.