What are tethered drone systems? They are a drone system that is connected via cable to the battery system and the main controls. There are several accessories a drone requires so that it can relay video footage to the ground. In some cases, the drone system and the battery can become bulky, reducing the drone system’s run time. 

Manufacturers can decide to have the control system on the ground and the drone and the cameras in the air to expand the operation time. The arrangement reduces the flight weight and, at the same time, prolongs the run time. When the tethered system is deployed, it increases the run time because the charging system can be connected to the main lines making the operation time long. The arrangement can be very helpful over situations where continuous monitoring is required.

Benefits Of Tethered Versus Battery Powered Drone Systems

1. Reduces Technical Error

What are tethered drone systems benefits? There are many. Among them is the reduced technical error. The tethered systems can be controlled from the ground via a computer system that has fully equipped interfaces. The operators can relax on the ground comfortably and control the system via the controls. Many companies that manufacture the tethered systems make it easy for operators to input different commands. There is no fear of the drone system flowing beyond its intended area because of the restriction brought about by the tether.

2. No Worry Of Battery Run Time

You can connect the teethed drones to the main power supply. The issue of a drone running out of power is taken care of when you opt for the tethered system. In most cases, battery-powered drones will run for less than 20 minutes; then, they return to base for battery replacement or charging. It is a different case if you opt for the tethered drone system. 

The drone system will remain airborne for as long as you wish because you can connect it to the main power supply. You can as well get a backup system and make the drone stay airborne for long. The arrangement is very reliable in premises where you would like to have a continuous drone surveillance system.

3. Reduces Human Error

Human error when operating the drone is reduced after you decide to go for a tethered system. You will have a wide interface on the ground to operate the drone. It is unlike a battery-powered drone where you will have few controls to get the drone in operation. There is room to incorporate powerful controls in the drone when you can access more power through the main lines. The drone can be a great way to enhance security when operating in areas that require a high level of surveillance.

4. Safe Operation

You will not have to follow the tethered drone along before you can operate it. The ground station can be installed on a truck or in a building and allow the drone to operate. There is room to incorporate more security features when operating a tethered drone. The power systems can be secured with several safety features to keep the drone safe. 

There is no worry of the drone flowing to areas where it can get intercepted, leading to data loss. You will have a tethering system that will keep the drone restricted to a safe flying area. Areas, where you need to adhere to high safety measures, will require a closely monitored drone. It is easy to keep a keen eye on the drone if you decided to go for one that has been tethered.

5. Reduced Crashes In Flight

The tethered drone will have few chances of crashing during flight. It will not fly over long distances or over objects that can lead to tangling of the cord. You will have full control of the flight area, making it safe. The drone can last long when operating under the tethered system unlike when a battery powers it. Even when operating it for long hours, it will still remain safe when you opt for the tethered arrangement system. A tethered drone can last longer than a battery operated.

6. Continuous Streaming Of Footage

The tethered system allows for the connection of video streaming chances that are stable. Areas, where you will like to keep content streaming footage for a surveillance system, require a stable video streaming system. The tethered systems can apply optic fiber technology to have interference-free video streaming. The high-quality video capability of the tethered system makes many people prefer it. You can count on the system to assure you great results in your everyday operations.

7. Reduced Spatial Area For Flying

There are cases where you would like the drone to fly over a short area. Having cords that will connect the base station to the drone makes it easy to control the flight area. Even when you make mistakes during the flight operation, it will not overfly your target area. Cases, where you would like to have the drone hover a given area, can be realized when you opt for the tethered system. You have full control of the drone after you decide to embrace the tethered option. It is an easy way to keep the drone under control.

8. Greater Control

You have more controls after you go for a tethered drone system. There are several cases where you would like to keep the drone under control. For instance, when in urban centers, you would like to have full control of the drone. It is easy to have full control of the drone when it operates under a tethered system. Remember, even if the drone will fail and fall, it is easy to retrieve it if you opt for a tethered system. The cords will guide you to the exact location. It is unlike when operating a battery-powered drone that can easily get lost if the flight system fails.

9. Operation Does Not Require A Trained Pilot

You will not require a skilled person to operate the tethered drone. It can be programmed to keep flying for long. It is unlike a battery-operated drone where the operators should be experienced with different input commands. Starters can easily get started through a tethered drone. You will easily operate it in different applications. 

When handling sensitive data, you would like to eliminate all errors. It is easy to eliminate most of the errors if you can decide to work with a drone system that allows you access to more controls. Many people compare the battery-powered drones and the tethered systems before getting started in drone photography and other applications.

10. Long Run Time

There is no worry about battery run time. The tethered drones can be equipped with a backup battery and a connection to the main power lines to keep them flying for as long as you need them. You can have the drone system hovering over a given building for the whole day without fear of the battery, letting you down. Unlike the battery-powered drown system, it will require you to keep recharging them after a short period. 

There are some drone applications where you would like to operate the drone for an extended period of time. For example, in a military operation, you would like to keep surveillance for as long as you wish. The tethered systems work well in such applications. There are many manufacturers of tethered drone systems out there; you can compare them and get the best for your given applications.