Nearly 83% of sales teams utilize CRM, and while sales managers may be satisfied with using software to track sales and organize customer information, there are other options. Integrating CPQ with your CRM can allow your sales team to become more proficient and effective, which can lead to more sales opportunities.

Effortless Quotes, Contracts, and Proposals

Sales teams use CRM solutions to analyze and follow up with leads, but fail to use CPQ for assets like sales quoting, price optimization, playbooks, and content management. Sales teams don’t need to turn to Microsoft Excel and Word for sales solutions because CPQ can streamline the sales process.

Sales teams value CRM’s automated tracking, data processing, and action procedures, but the sales process does not have to end at CRM. CPQ mimics what CRM does for other aspects of the sales cycle. By connecting all sales processes, reps can send proposals and correspond to prospective clients with quick turnarounds. Sales cycles become less hindered, and clients feel more confident in your reps because they appear organized and prepared. This potentially leads to more successful deals.  

Rapid Sales Cycles

Companies that use CPQ solutions can experience quicker sales cycles as reps can produce quotes and respond quickly to proposal requests, thus lowering the fear of losing client interest. Combining CPQ and CRM solutions can make a rep’s job much more efficient because their workflow is streamlined.

Lower Chance of Delays and Inaccuracies

The chance of inaccuracies and errors can increase a great deal when using stand-alone tools in conjunction with CRM solutions. There is also a higher chance of wasting time as reps look for quotes and other data that aren’t already in the workflow. Integrating CPQ and CRM allows a rep’s work to connect, and the risk of errors and delays can drop. A rep can access quotes, proposals, and other materials with ease. Prospective customers want to deal with a rep who is organized and prepared, and these reps will more likely secure a deal.

Organic Integration of CPQ

There can be resistance when first integrating CPQ with CRM solutions. Some reps may even question why other software is needed when CRM seems to work fine for them. Confusion can come out of trying to merge other sale solutions with CRM, but merging CRM with CPQ demands little to no learning curve. CPQ and CRM solutions complement each other, and the adoption of CPQ is a natural progression in the sales cycle. Once reps realize how streamlined their jobs have become, the integration of CPQ becomes an organic process. Putting these two automated sales solutions together can ease the workflow and lead to an effective sales team.