Are you in your final semester aiming for landing your first job in 6 months but don’t have any good-looking CV? or Are you someone looking for a top online CV that showcases all your skills, talents, and experience under one umbrella? Well, we are here with the BEST solution that will cater to all your demands in an ultimate way!

Your Best Answer: Online CV Builder

Online CV builder simplifies the intimidating process of creating stunning, precise, and professional CVs that will make you shine in your interview process. With the help of their elegant templates, you can easily customize and add as many sections as possible. Thus, in order to put a fantastic 1st impression, online CVs are your way to go! They have a compilation of all the academic records, participation, achievements, and any other extra activities you ever did. Besides, they also provide a vivid look into your amazing personality with all the terrific traits. 

So, are you ready to step into the unique world of building a classy online CV? We are sharing the best option that will turn your arduous task into a fun activity that will save you time as well. BOWWE is an outstanding drag and drop editor that opens the gateway to creating eye-catchy templates that will impress the recruiters in the first look. Further, this magical tool is quite easy to use and time-saving!

Perks of creating a Well Written CV on BOWWE

BOWWE is on a mission to help everyone with the best templates to create an excellent CV that captures the attention of HRs and is beneficial for grabbing the best opportunities. Its user-friendly interface makes it a go-to platform so that all your hard work can be channelized in honing your skills, and BOWWE takes care of designing your superb CV online! We have also curated all the other top-notch features of BOWWE below:

  • Open Anytime and Anywhere

BOWWE empowers you with the freedom of walking confidently to the HR’s cabin without the need for any printed documents or cover letters. Once you design your professional CV on BOWWE, you can share its link or download its PDF file. We are sure that you will get faster interview calls and amazing job offers in no time. 

  • Simple Drag & drop mechanism

Well, this platform helps you create a fantastic CV using no hard-and-fast technology but a super easy drag and drop mechanism. Want your CV to get highlighted in the long pile of candidates? Choosing to create a marvelous CV using BOWWE’s interactive technology is your chance to be ahead of others.

  • Boosted Online Visibility

With the internet booming and everyone wanting to gain an edge over others, just keeping your LinkedIn profile updated is not going to keep your CV in the limelight. BOWWE’s CV maker is your door to create a profound impact on the employers and be recognized for your future job prospects as well. 

  • Adaptable CVs

As the CV must align with the job profile you are applying for, it becomes super hard to rewrite and alter the CV every time. With BOWWE, you can quickly create as many CVs as possible according to the industry you are applying for that too in just a few minutes. So, No more ‘One-CV-Serves-All’ policy, it is time to be smart, and BOWWE’s tools are perfect for helping you in it!

  • Unlimited space and analytics

We know you want to present an up-to-date CV and present the best version of yourself! Thus, BOWWE proffers unlimited space to add as much relevant information as possible. The best part is that any layman can use it without any hassle with the remarkable templates and even keep an eye on the website statistics to know about their most-loved CV page among all the pages.

  • Undaunted Support

In order to establish a good customer experience, BOWWE is always on your side with expert support and value in every step. In case you run into any trouble while using any template, you can contact BOWWE’s experts for assistance. Mind you! We shall be more than happy to cater to your needs because we want to build a close relationship with all our clients! 

Now that you know all about their user-centric features, it is finally time to design your first kickass CV using BOWWE! But do you know the essentials to be put in your CV? No problem, we have got you covered!

Essentials of a Digital CV

  1. We know that a CV or Curriculum Vitae describes the ‘Story of your Life’ in brief. However, there are six important aspects that you must include in your digital CV to make it a hit!
  2. All your academic details covering your diplomas/degrees, any certifications, or additional training that you may have
  3. A summary of all your skills will aid your HR in streamlining your application quickly
  4. Personal information including your name, date of birth, gender, marital status, nationality etc.
  5. Contact information that comprises of your professional email, LinkedIn profile, and phone number
  6. Hobbies, participations, achievements, and other strengths to bring light to your personality
  7. Work Experience (if any) must also be included even if it is a voluntary one

Steps To Build A CV In BOWWE

  1. Firstly, you need to check BOWWE’s templates and pick the one that suits your needs well!
  2. Drag and drop all the items you need, add all the apt information shared in the previous section and create a digital CV in minutes.
  3. Once created, you can quickly download its PDF or keep it on a specific web domain.

Final Words

With this, you must be well-aware of all noteworthy features of BOWWE’s builder and why it is emerging as a powerful tool for first-time CV builders. Well, if you are one of them and want to jumpstart your CV building process, you need to start now to get ahead of others in queue!