The fear of spreading Covid-19 cannot be ignored. Tons of people out there got affected and got positive Covid tests, resulting in a quarantine tenure suggested by doctors and health professionals until they recover from it. Besides this, uninfected peoples are also advised to stay at their homes to limit the possibilities of spreading the Novel coronavirus.

Quarantine has gifted us ample amount of time but somehow after doing tons of activities free time remain the same. In these circumstances, we try their best to wreck the boredom with some fantastic activities to kill time. 

But don’t know how to beat your quarantine boredom?

When you’re done sitting idle, and boredom is at its peak, and thinking how can you get rid of it and lit your tiresome quarantine days then Stand-Up arcade gaming machine is the one you should consider. These gaming machines spice up your life when you get bored, not just that, by buying these you can live the childhood memories again. 

Things to Know When Buying a Stand-Up Arcade Cabinet:

So, if you don’t want to get dominated by the hard-rock boredom and you have decided to turn your dull quarantine days into fun gaming days, then you’re on the right spot. For your convenience, we have put it all together below so; you can buy your gaming cab with no hassle at all  

What Maintenance Does it Demand? 

So, first thing first, when it comes to maintaining an arcade cab you don’t have to worry much about it. Its structure is robust enough that it doesn’t require much care. However, cabinet art is the thing you should consider for caring. For inside Maintenance, you have to put a hawk-eye on the computer’s software updates. And for the outside Maintenance, what you can do is place the arcade cab at the place where the sunlight is not directly hitting it. Not just that, a necessary dusting and cleaning are required to make it shine. 

Checking Out the Dimensions

Needless to say, when you’re buying an arcade game for your home, then don’t forget to measure the dimensions of the place where you want to place it. Otherwise, you’ve to deal with a tremendous mess if the game cab is at your door, but your door and the place where you were about to set up your mini home gaming zone is too small and that gaming arcade cab cannot be fixed on that place. 

Free Play, Or Tokens?

Last but not least, check out whether you want to turn on the free play mode where you don’t have to insert in any coins and tokens or want to play along with tokens. If you’re at home, you will probably go with the free play option to enjoy playing games non-stop!

So, let’s choose the RIGHT Stand-Up Arcade Box for you below:

4 Player Stand-Up Arcade Game – Blast The Quarantine Boredom!

One of the topmost famed arcade machines available out there. It comes up with a size that can be quickly passed through the doors. It has the generous 32 inch HD LCD screen equipped with a robust glass and a 3500 to 4500 games that make it perfect for 2 to 4 gamers to enjoy playing on it. 

Not just that, gamers can enjoy the pre-installed games on this arcade cab with no hassle of game installing hassle. When it comes to its display and structure, you don’t have to worry about it all. These arcade cabs are strong enough, created with high-quality material highlighting the toughness and high quality by itself. 

Despite this, this arcade game consists of 1 trackball and 4 Sanwa joysticks and comes with two tall stools that level the gaming experience. With these arcade machines, you have to plug it in the switch and play the games without any other formality. 

Technical Features:

  • 32 inch HD LCD screen
  • Pre-Installed Games
  • Warranty of 3 years 
  • It’s dimensions are: 68.75”Hx31.5″Dx39.5″W
Pros Cons
  • All pre set up for direct gaming
  • Get access to 4500 classic games
  • 32 inch HD monitor 
  • 4 Sanwa joysticks for comfortable gaming
  • A Trackball
  • Suitable for 2 to 4 gamers 
  • Two tall stools
  • Three years of Warranty
  • Heavyweight
  • You can’t move it often
  • Made for commercial usage

2 Player Stand-Up Arcade Game – No-More Quarantine Idling!

We’ve added another stand-up arcade game for you so you can get the variety to choose from. It’s a “22” inch monitor of Gaming arcade cab that is equipped with two joysticks and a trackball on which two individuals can perfectly enjoy a classic game. You also get the 3500 to 4500 games along with this stand-up gaming machine. 

This full-size arcade game machine is rugged with high-quality material that makes it’s built robust enough that form it’s the monitor to its joysticks, from its cab structure to its trackball you can’t point out any flows from its structure.

Additional to this, when you get this arcade machine to be prepared to get two stools that are tall in size that can be used while gaming when you feel tired. You also get a three years warranty on its parts. All you have to do is just start the gaming right away after plugging in the switch.   

Technical Features:

  • 22 inch Monitor
  • Pre Installed Games
  • Warranty of 3 years 
  • It’s dimensions are : 69.75″H2x31″D x 6.5″W
Pros Cons
  • No need to install anything; just direct gaming
  • Access to 4500 classical games
  • 32-inch monitor 
  • Two  joysticks for the excellent gaming experience 
  • 1 Trackball
  • Suitable for 2 to 4 gamers 
  • Two high stools
  • Three years Warranty of parts
  • It’s hefty!

FAQ’s: Got Queries?

Q1. I’m confused! I don’t know how to buy the RIGHT Arcade game for myself? So, what things should I keep in mind while buying the one?

A: While buying a video game; your focus should be on the following factors:

  • Who will play this game?
  • Where will you place the arcade machine? In your home or your home or somewhere else?
  • Are you buying for personal usage or commercial usage?

 Keeping hawk eyes on these factors will surely help you make an informed decision to sparkle up your quarantine.