Are you ready to be a better gamer? If your in-game performance is lacking, it could be your equipment, connection, or environment that is letting you down. Whether you want to progress to new levels or beat a high score, it is possible for you to achieve your goals.

Get ready to take your entertainment experience to the next level, and make gaming fun again! With these top tips you will be a better gamer in no time:

Set Up a Gaming Zone

Distractions can affect your gameplay, so make sure you have a dedicated gaming zone. A high-quality headset will help to block out any distractions and other members of your household will appreciate the silence. You may also like to mute notifications on your phone if you feel as though it will interfere with your gameplay.

A comfortable, ergonomic chair, gaming mouse, drink bottle, and snacks can make a difference, especially if you are preparing for hours in front of the computer screen.

Get Faster Speeds

When your favorite game lags at a critical moment, it can cause frustration. Don’t let slow speeds ruin your performance because there are a few strategies you can try. If you are wondering how to improve latency, you should start by checking your ping. You can do a ping test either via your game or on the internet, noting a low ping is preferable to a high one. Connecting to the closest server will reduce the lag, and this is made easy with an application such as Elite Gamer from Cox.

If you are still experiencing slow speeds, consider connecting directly to the router with an ethernet cable. Make sure there are no other programs or updates running in the background as these can drain your computer’s resources.

Upgrade Your System

Games are constantly improving, and while more realistic graphics and multiplayer campaigns are enjoyable, your computer might not be keeping up. Check the game requirements to ensure your graphics card, memory, and storage are sufficient. If you discover you need an upgrade, look for something better than what you need right now to ensure future games will run.

Now is the time to check software and applications for new versions, as something as simple as a driver update could improve in-game performance.

Practice Makes Perfect

You know the saying, practice makes perfect! When you have a capable device, it is time to start playing. Not many people are naturally good at every game they play, and you shouldn’t be dissuaded if you don’t progress straight away. If you are ready for a challenge and prepared to practice, it won’t take long to become a better gamer.

For those who start to feel stressed during intensive gameplay, for example in first-person shooters or advanced strategy games, don’t forget to have a break. Going for a walk around the block, having a shower, or eating a meal will give help you to calm down and recharge.

Be a Better Gamer

It is possible to become a better gamer with the right tools and equipment. Set up a comfortable gaming space, and make sure your computer can handle the task of running your favorite games. Check your latency, and make changes as necessary.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and when you are committed to improving your skills, you will find success!