Sales figures are one of the main components of any online store’s success. The financial success of the whole company depends on this component.

Modern e-commerce is developing rapidly. Competition is growing more and more in each niche. New sites for purchases and sales appear every day. That is why marketers have to devote more time and effort to distinguish the company from competitors and boost online sales.

In this article, we are going to analyze the main points that will help you significantly increase your profits and without which no online business can do.

What discourages your potential clients?

Firstly, let’s figure out the main problems online store owners face and how not to scare away potential customers. Most often, users put off the idea to buy due to the following:

  • absence of items interested
  • the incorrectly indicated price of the product
  • incomplete kits
  • incompetent service
  • long customer service response times during the order
  • difficulties with the ability to return or exchange goods
  • problems with delivery.

These are the most common online shopping problems that need to be fixed first. If you are not familiar with any of them, you are on the right track to increase online sales.

How to boost online sales?

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that you should definitely pay attention to.

  • Your website and its ease-of-use

An attractive design isn’t enough for users to make purchases. It should also be convenient and understandable for the visitor. If your site is beautiful and stylish but inconvenient and user-unfriendly, don’t even hope for high sales. Hire a good designer; you may even need to migrate your store from Shopify to WooCommerce; pay special attention to the interface and location of information. The main thing is the ease of use and your client’s comfort.

Statistics show that 75% of users close sites and never return to them if they find it difficult to use and search for needed information.

  • Catalog

Your online store visitor shouldn’t get lost in the endless lists of items. Create separate categories and subcategories for each product group. For instance, if you are into cosmetics, then be sure to create different sections for face care, body care, makeup, and so on.

  • Image quality

Users of online stores are very demanding of visual information. It should be understood that product images play a key role. It’s the pictures that enable visitors to get acquainted with the products visually. Use only high-quality images that will allow clients to examine any element of the product.

Moreover, it won’t be superfluous to add videos that clearly demonstrate your offers. It’s especially true for owners of household appliances stores, but it won’t hurt other businesses either.

  • Store Description

Getting to the site, a potential client immediately pays attention to the upper left corner of the page. This corner should contain information about what kind of site it is. In this part of the page, under the logo, you should indicate what kind of activity this company is engaged in, what services it provides, or what it sells, for instance, an ‘online accessories store‘.

  • Contact Information

Such information is located in the upper right corner, always in large print. The clearer the phone number is, the easier it’s to find it.

The customer is unlikely to notice contact information if it’s placed at the bottom of the page or even hidden somewhere. Due to such a mistake, your company may lose a customer and sales, respectively.

  • Accompany a potential buyer all the time

Use psychological call-to-action tricks on every page of your site. Offer various promotions, special offers, bonuses, and so on wherever your potential client is. Constantly stimulate him to purchase when moving to a new section of your website.

  • Share information

Content marketing helps sell and increases these sales. It’s a fact. You can start a business blog on the website, write interesting and informative articles, make product reviews, give advice and recommendations. Modern users appreciate the care and free useful information. Customers need to know and understand exactly what they will get by purchasing your product and why it’s worth buying it in your store. It will increase brand awareness, loyalty, and trust.

There are many ways and tips on how to increase your online store sales. As promised, we’ve given you essential tips you can’t do without. But we still recommend you study this topic in more detail if you want the maximum profit for your business. Good luck!