Surprisingly, a lot of people that take to Google and look for “write my thesis for me now”, “help me write a paper” and other desperate phrases are often stalled because of quite manageable reasons. They make a mistake or two and from there on, it only gets worse. If not for these mistakes, they would’ve coped with their assignment splendidly.

What are these mistakes? To effectively avoid them, you need to inform yourself first.

Having designated brainstorming times

Writing any kind of paper, or working on any piece of writing for that matter, requires a lot of brainstorming. Before everything else, you need to come up with a topic for your writing. It is a mistake to think that if you’ve sat yourself in a quiet room and turned off Facebook, the ideas will just start flowing into your head. If anything, you might feel the pressure of the need to come up with something and have quite the opposite reaction – a blank page where all your ideas once were. The process of creativity in the writing sphere is continuous. You process information all the time. Sometimes, different bits and pieces of it will add up to create an IDEA. That’s why if you are truly trying to stimulate your creativity, let it work 24 hours a day. Similarly, don’t get desperate if your planned brainstorm sessions haven’t brought any results – it just means this technique is not for you and you are more of a free thinker.

Letting yourself work on a doubtful idea thinking you could always revise it later

There is nothing more permanent than temporary things – every person that has ever accommodated a friend for a night or two and then lived with them for months will tell you so. If an idea doesn’t seem as good to you, don’t be scared to revise it right there and then. If you continue working, you will only waste more time and effort to no result. Sometimes an idea is shaped in the process of writing, and it’s okay to modify it in the process. It is also okay to change it completely. Otherwise, you might find yourself looking desperately for help online.

Assuming there is a piece of writing that doesn’t need a structure

A structure is what holds it all together. It’s okay to let your mind roam a little, as long as it’s within the scope of a single paragraph, or a page, or a chapter. You do need the structure for everything – novels, shorts stories, academic essays, product descriptions, website pages, you name it. You might feel tempted to skip this part. Don’t. The time and energy you save by not developing it will be lost when you are completely lost in the middle of your writing. And you will be lost – this is proved by generations of writers.

Simple and yet so important. Bear these recommendations in mind – if they don’t help, they will definitely do not harm.