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AVG Antivirus Free 2017 For Android Review 

AVG Antivirus Free 2017 For Android Review

A few years before, most people believed that Android devices didn’t need an antivirus program. While it’s a truth that Android isn’t much vulnerable to viruses as such, there are plenty of other threats. For instance, there are the issues with Phishing, Scamware, Spyware, Data Theft etc. Moreover, you never know what the apps are doing in background unless you have time to check them out. These facts do mean only one thing: you need an affordable yet effective antivirus app for Android — and we have AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 for Android here.

We had used this popular and refreshed Android antivirus for the past few days. Not only did we see superb results but also decided to come up with a brief review of the free mobile antivirus for our readers. And, here we go with the review.

An Introduction to AVG AntiVirus Free 2017

Basically, AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 is an antivirus and virus removal tool for Android smartphones. However, the tool isn’t really restricted to the name. You have many benefits other than removing potential viruses, spyware and other major issues from your Android. In other words, AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 works as a full package for Security, Privacy and Device Protection. It’s like having a single app instead of many.

Won’t it be awesome if you can have benefits of Anti-Theft and File Encryption from the same antivirus app? It is, folks, what AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 is all about. Now, we will move on to the major aspects in review.

Installation and Getting Started

You can download AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 from Google Play Store, obviously free of cost. It takes just a few minutes to install the program and it will start protecting your Android in a few seconds. In case if you didn’t know, AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 works in real-time. It means, if there are some kind of malicious activity in a device, you’ll be notified instantly.

In the course of time, AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 may ask for several permissions. For instance, if you want to enable App Lock, you have to provide permissions for App Usage. We’d say that the installation was simple, especially considering the huge set of features you get.

User Interface

AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 for Android comes with an impressive User Interface. When you start the antivirus program, you can see the dashboard, with Links to every section — Protection, Privacy, Performance as well as Anti-Theft. You can have a detailed look by tapping on those options. The best part is that you can run an intensive Android scan right from the home page.

Scanning & Performance

In terms of scanning and performance, AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 is the best antivirus for Android. We have used other antivirus programs before, but AVG’s scanning speeds are something impeccable. It showed us a bunch of tips, even based on security of settings. Another point is that the app won’t lag your Android device much. Even when completely functional, we didn’t face any lack of speed in other apps and settings.

We have an awesome impression in the performance aspect of AVG AntiVirus Free 2017. It’s not going to let you down!

Noteworthy Features

We will now take a quick look at the superb features of AVG AntiVirus Free 2017.

  • Real-Time Scanning of Apps, Games, Files and Device Settings. You’re notified in case of any threats.
  • AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 for Android offers enhanced protection from threats like phishing, malware, spyware and even SMS-based threats.
  • Privacy Protection features of AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 for Android include App Lock, Photo Encrypt Vault, Call Blocker, SMS Blocker, Device Data Wipe. Some of them are premium features but you can have a 30-day free trial.

  • Optimization section will take care of your device speed, battery consumption and data usage. It will take care of internal storage as well as SD Card Storage.

  • AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 will continuously scan the websites you visit for threats. If there are some malicious URLs, you’ll be redirected back to somewhere safe. AVG has also included a feature named AVG Secure Search.
  • Anti-Theft Features are something the best we’ve seen. It not only shows you the exact locations via Google Maps but also lets you control the device. You can, for instance, wipe the phone, lock phone or even take the photo of the person who tries to unlock the device. In another scenario, AntiVirus Free 2017 can lock the phone if there’s a SIM card change.

In addition, AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 for Android has a bunch of additional utilities like Wi-Fi Protection and Task Killer.

The Bottom Line

Viewing things again, we stick on to say that AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 is the best Antivirus for Android. After 30 days, you may have to pay for some features like App Lock and Device Lock, but that seems okay. As we said, it’s a complete package of Device, Data and Privacy protection. No matter what you do, browsing or checking out some app, AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 should be there to help you. So, we do recommend this to every reader who doesn’t have an antivirus in his Android device or, those who need an upgrade!

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