Modern home design is minimal and practical. Clean, open spaces are the staple of today’s market as we crave sleek, smooth, functioning homes. In a digital era that never ceases to astound, there are a great variety of tech products and appliances that can help us keep on top of our home design and simplify some of the daily routines we take for granted. With these innovative solutions, your home can become a place of unique efficiency and aesthetic simplicity. Here are some of the best avant-garde home design products and appliances out there!

Framed TVs

Televisions today have become the key element of living rooms. They often dictate the entire set up of the room, with all furniture pointing towards the one imposing screen that demands attention from all angles. With new, framed TVs, your living room can become a much more versatile room —but still operate as a first-class place to watch your favourite tv shows and movies. 

Samsung’s new Framed TVs, for example, have the high-resolution QLED picture quality of any first-rate television when on, yet blend into the setup of the room by displaying beautiful art or your favourite photos when turned off. 

Photos are easily uploaded via smartphone or USB, or you can choose art from over 1,000 pieces on offer in the Samsung Art Store. With so many options, the right colour and complexity can be found to suit your living room and can be changed at any given moment to adjust to your taste and mood. 

You are also aided in your quest to find the optimum ambience. A brightness sensor balances the screen’s brightness for natural illumination, so whatever the time of day and lighting, the television will adapt to make the Framed TV look its most natural. 

Efficiency and choice, however, are not the only traits this product boasts. A motion sensor switches the television on to exhibit your chosen artwork when it senses nearby presence but turns off when nobody is around to save energy, making it cost-effective too.

Perhaps most importantly of all traits when it comes to home design is appearance and the simplicity of Framed TVs is what makes them so fantastic. They provide a sleek, clean look with no gaps between the wall and the mount. Instead, they sit like a normal framed photo or piece of art with a single cable running to a connect box, so everything is organised efficiently without a visible mess of wires underneath the screen. 

Motion Sensor Bins

While Framed TVs bring a new dimension to the living room, motion sensor bins take kitchen practicality to a whole new level. Contact with bins and rubbish we dispose of is — of course — far from hygienic. Most of us cringe at touching the contents of our bins — they are where our waste goes and so we rarely want to have too much contact with them. 

Motion sensor bins make the whole rigmarole of throwing things away or changing the bin bags that bit easier with their touch-free technologies. The wave of a hand or sound of a voice will open the bin instantly with minimal effort. 

Motion sensor bins like the 58L sensor bin sold by Simplehuman come in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and designs so you can find the one that fits in with your kitchen design. The dual compartment makes for more organisation and will help recycle! Bins can be a stressful part of home maintenance for so many reasons. So let it be a simple chore that is hygienic, practical and elegant with new motion sensor bins. 

Quooker Tap

Another wonderful addition to the kitchen is the Quooker boiling water tap. As elegant as it is practical, the Quooker boiling water tap raises questions about why such a product wasn’t invented long ago.

This is a tap that has been over 30 years in the making and is now a staple of optimum modern kitchen design. A Quooker boiling water tap immediately dispenses either filtered or boiling water in seconds. An insulated vacuum sealed thermos flask stored beneath the worktop connects to the mains, so as water leaves, fresh water instantly flows back in .

Due to the insulation and design of the tank, just 10 watts are required to maintain 110 degrees, which means water immediately comes out boiling — making it time and cost-efficient. Water can only come out boiling with a quick, smooth double push and turn motion which also lights up the base of the tap to signal boiling water is in use. The entire spout is insulated to prevent the outside of the tap heating up so everything has been carefully designed for optimum safety.

The greatest thing about this game-changing product is it simplifies your kitchen. With the Quooker boiling water tap, there is no longer any need for kettles, eradicating health and safety hazards. No longer are there cables snaking their way across worktops in an uncomfortable mess. Congested worktops are a thing of the past with new cost-effective, elegant and practical cutting edge appliances like the Quooker boiling water tap.

Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

The kitchen might be the heart of the home, but it is our bedrooms we cherish most. They are the serene sanctuaries we long for at the end of our never-ending workdays. Having a bedroom void of mess and distraction is essential to get that all-important eight hours of rest needed to function at our maximum potential.

The iHome Wireless Charging Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock takes bedroom organisation to new levels. Not only does it charge your phone wirelessly with a Qi-certified certified wireless pad but it also streams audio wirelessly via Bluetooth from your mobile phone, without draining the battery.

Once again, no more ugly cables. Your phone sits on the charging pad at arms reach perfectly accessible with no plugging and unplugging. Voice recognition means you can set alarms, stop alarms and play music without so much as lifting a finger.

The iBTW39G is small and slender, occupying little space on your bedside table. It is also made of designer fabric, meaning it doesn’t look like an ugly electrical device but instead an attractive part of the makeup of your bedroom.

Richard Clarkson’s Floating Clouds

This one gets on the list more for its astounding nature than any practical characteristics. There is something magical about the products produced by Richard Clarkson Studio. A small team provides us with a collection of quite unbelievably engineered home design products, including the cloud collection. 

These items are more art and design than appliance and offer elegant, minimal installations and products. Whether it’s the floating cloud, speaker cloud, lampshade or mobile cloud, every one holds its own as an avant-garde product in today’s market. 

The speaker cloud, for example, is a powerful speaker system but also a lighting & thunder performance sculpture that puts on unique shows mimicking thunder and lightning. Music streams via any Bluetooth device and the LED lamp within can be set to pulse and flash at the beat of the music you play.

The lampshade clouds or mobile clouds make for wonderful additions in bedrooms or nurseries while all of the clouds are elegant, awe-inspiring products for any room of the house, office or commercial spaces. All come in several different sizes and make for fantastically entertaining modern-day products for your home. It might not change the way you live day to day but it is certainly innovative addition to the home with more than a couple of tricks up the sleeve.