You may not have heard but AV (Audio Visual) over IP is a growing trend right now in the industry, but what does it mean exactly?

AV over IP simply put is about sending uncompressed audio and video information across standard IP Mediums. For a business this provides multiple opportunities for you and your employees, allowing you to communicate instantly with any person across the globe across a multitude of devices, sometimes restricted by normal means.

Viju discusses how this trend is growing and how your business could potentially use it.

AV Industry Currently

Currently when you use current AV devices there’s a finite amount of devices that can connect to the meeting at once. Since some devices currently use HDBaseT transmitters, which are point-to-point systems with transmitters at source devices and receivers at destinations devices. A huge problem for many businesses, especially large ones that have several meetings a day with a huge number of people on a wide range of devices.

This means that using this system, we’re limited to the number of inputs and outputs on the frames, meaning adding another device can be much more difficult than it should be.

Although they’re limited in the amount devices, they do offer high bandwidth controlled environments, high resolutions and low latency. Perfect for any small to midsize business looking to use a AV meeting room device with high amounts of data flowing between users with a limited amount of people.

AV Over IP

The AV Over IP model is different in that it’s basically a streaming infrastructure on an entirely different and new level from what we’re used to. We’re all used to streaming services such as Netflix and Youtube, but to stream such large scale meetings between a huge amount of people around the globe is the next big step.

Instead of using the HDBaseT transmitters on every device in the room, this model only requires an encoder at the source device and a decoder at each destination device. Connecting to standard switches, no longer limiting ourselves to the number of inputs and outputs that we would be via the current method.

This flexibility is what the industry is moving towards, enabling businesses to be free to choose from as many devices as they’d like to use such as a wide array of desktop pc’s, smartphones and tablets. This also applies to devices that aren’t in the room, allowing for infinite possibilities when it comes to global communication and sharing.

Questions To Ask

Before jumping into AV Over IP there may be a few questions to ask to see if it’s right for you and your business. Concerns such as different manufacturers provide different resolutions, colour and compression capabilities. Planning out for the future is the best way to see whether it fits for you,

If you’re looking to expand your meeting room capability and grow the reach of your business, then it may be a good idea to look into AV over IP. Giving you the option to host several clients in the room and around the world with the fastest speeds available. With the ability to share large files seamlessly, it’ll propel your business into the future.