Ergonomic health issues accounted for over 390,000 days off work in the US in the year 2014 alone. Sitting for long hours can trigger several spinal and muscular health issues. In addition, research shows that sitting for too long even has the potential to instigate fatal health issues. 

Companies like Autonomous and Jarvis specialize in designing and manufacturing highly ergonomic standing desks that employees can use to work while standing up. However, there are several points to be considered in a Jarvis desk vs. Autonomous desk comparison.

Why Invest in an Ergonomic Standing Desk?

If you work in a corporate environment, you are likely to spend at least 8 hours a day on your desk to get work done. As a result, you may spend close to 2 hours a day engrossed in the task you were assigned with minimal muscular movement. Sitting without physical activity for over an hour can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular issues by up to 140%. 

An ergonomic standing desk is designed specifically to address this problem. By investing in a height-adjustable ergonomic standing desk like the Autonomous or Jarvis Standing desks, you will have the option to work while you’re on your feet. 

Jarvis Desks

Fully allows customers to design their standing desk to fit their specific needs. You can suggest height or width alterations and even select the material for the desk surface. This top-of-the-line desk is affordable and electric powered. 

Customers can choose between several options like the Jarvis Bamboo standing desk, the Jarvis Designer Ply standing desk, the Jarvis Wood Veneer standing desk, the Jarvis EcoTop standing desk, and the Jarvis Laminate standing desk. 


Since Jarvis standing desks are customizable, the specifications may vary based on customer requirements and desk types.

Height and Width 

The company offers the following options:

  • 30″*24″
  • 42″*24″
  • 48″*27″
  • 48″*30″
  • 60″*27″
  • 60″*30″
  • 72″*30″
  • 78″*30″


Customers can choose between rectangular tops, contour tops, and L-Shaped tops.

Material Used

Fully uses sustainable, eco-friendly material like bamboo, laminates, plywood, and high-quality wood to create its ergonomic standing desks. The company sources material from verified sources and uses only the best quality material to build its desks. In addition, the desk frames and rods are crafted with damage-resistant high-quality stainless steel. This detailed Jarvis desk review will give you more insight into the benefits of Jarvis desks.

Lifting Capacity

The adjustable height frames can lift 350 lb weight (inclusive of top weight)

The Fully Jarvis standing desk also operates at shallow noise levels of less than 50dB. The desk offers a range of height adjustment options and ample space for you to place your system and all your office accessories. In addition, Jarvis standing desks are noted for their aesthetic appeal. The desk enhances the appeal factor of the entire office space by adding freshness and style to the room.

Autonomous Standing Desks

If you are looking for a cost-effective ergonomic office standing desk, the Autonomous standing desk may be the right choice for you. The desk comes with two high-power motors to improve lift speed and lift smoothness and offers plenty of space to accommodate computers or laptops, accessories, and other accompaniments. 

As per the Autonomous desk review, the home version is perfect for home office needs, but the SmartDesk 2 offers more width and functionality.


The desks offer a height adjustability range between 29.4″*48.”


Customers can choose between rectangular tops and L-shaped tops.

Material used

The company uses wrap-proof MDF wood and bamboo for the top and solid SPCC steel frames. As a result, the desks are highly damage-resistant and durable.

Lifting Capacity

The SmartDesk Pro can lift 310 lbs of weight at low noise levels of 40dB.

Additionally, the desk comes with four programmable settings for height adjustment and has impressive lifting speeds. 

Autonomous or Jarvis: The Better Choice for You

Autonomous standing desks are more affordable than Fully Jarvis desks. The SmartDesk options allow users to enjoy all the benefits of an ergonomic standing desk at very competitive prices. However, in a Jarvis desk vs. Autonomous desk study, Fully Jarvis desks lead in design and customizability. They also offer several eco-friendly options and use bamboo and natural wood to craft their desks. The primary difference between Autonomous and Jarvis desks is that SmartDesks focus more on functionality and features. 

Autonomous desks are one of the most popular standing desks in the US. Jarvis desks vs. Autonomous desks, review articles suggest that SmartDesk options are more functional and affordable. In addition, SmartDesks offer better lifting speeds and lower noise levels.