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App Review: Movavi Video Converter 

If you are looking for a super speed media converter app to add to your software library, then you should consider Movavi Video Converter. The video converter can convert bot video and audio files to more than 180 media formats. Besides just converting, the software…

new technologies high tech home
New Tech

New Technologies for the High-Tech Home 

Today’s 21st century home is filled with lots of cool conveniences and technologies that bring us closer to our childhood predictions of a futuristic life in Orbit City with the Jetsons. Although it’s not 2062 yet, these new technologies are fast becoming more commonplace for…

google glass at work
Google Glass

Wearable Technology in The Office 

Currently you can’t open a copy of Wired Magazine or browse the Internet without stumbling across the term ‘wearables’. Indeed, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas back in January – the industry’s biggest annual shindig – was described as the ‘real inflection point…